Saturday, September 13, 2008

Don't Forget About This #81

We all know the stat line by now...3 WRs with 100+ yards last week against the Rams. And today we find out from Coach Reid that Reggie Brown could be back on the field in a limited role on Monday night. "He wouldn't play every play," Reid said. "That's not what we would do there. We would, obviously, rotate him."

So now we just hold our breath the Reggie does not further injury himself on Monday. Despite last week's strong showing, we still need Brown. He might not be the answer as a #1, but he can be a very effective #2 or #3 option.

So we mentioned the 100 yard trio (Jackson, Lewis, Baskett) and even acknowledged that Brown still exists. Who we keep overlooking is the other #81. Jason Avant may not have reached the century mark, but he still put up a respectable 3 catches for 45 yards last week. A nice 15 yards per catch average.

And I expect Avant to step up a little bigger this week.

If you follow track records, Lewis will now probably disappear for a few weeks. Baskett is only good for one big one a year (still waiting for the fade route in the endzone!). Jackson, well as a rookie, there a going to be some bumps (yes I did get my #10 jersey).

With the Cowboy pass rush, look for McNabb to get rid of the ball quick. How about a few passes over the middle to Avant. Avant's strength is his ability to effectively work (funny, I initially was going to use the word dominate, then thought better!) the middle of field. Get a little separation, and then hit him for 10 or 15. Work the middle with both Avant and Smith. Combine this with a heavy dose of Westbrook and then throw in a few deep ones to Jackson.

So I see 4 catches for 65 yards for our #81. And then 3 catches for 85 yards for Jackson. Lewis, Baskett, and Brown maybe 50 yards between the three. Top it off with Westbrook going for 140 rushing and receiving combined.

49 hours to go!

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