Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Eagles Respect Us, Why Can't The Phillies?

For fans that continue to sell-out the ballpark, we sure do get a lot of criticism.

First we had Jimmy Rollins saying, "There are times and I might catch some flak for saying this, but, you know, they're front-runners. "

And then last night we get Charlie Manuel saying, "We won a game here against the Mets in extra innings (Aug. 26), and it seemed like everyone in Philly got real high. The next night, we lost and there was a big difference. People got flat. Now, the team didn't, but the whole environment was that way. And that has an effect on the team and the players."

How about each of you worry about the performance of yourself and the performance of your team before you go running your mouth about the fan base. Last I checked the fans aren't the reasons why your #4 and #5 starters can't pitch or the reason why your hitters can't hit.

But not to worry. As the Phillies continue their slide from playoff contention no one will care about these comments. This is a football town and our attention is now on the Eagles. And just wait until next season and the fans stop showing up at the ballpark. Who are you guys going to criticize then? Here's an idea, how about looking in the mirror!

After you finish your self examination take a look across the street at the Linc. Watch McNabb or Reid give a press conference. Not once will you hear them blasting the fans. As much as we hate the Reid comment, "I've got to do a better job," at least he is smart enough to know the blame lies in-house and not in the stands!


Anonymous said...

Get Charlie the hell out of here

Anonymous said...

What the Phillies are still playing? Eagles season baby!

Anonymous said...

nice post. philly fans are the best. charlie will miss us when he's fired. let's trade j-roll too.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Phillies are done. time to rebuild. how sad they did capatilize on their core group of talent this year.

Michoel Botwinick said...

Well said.