Monday, September 15, 2008


Tick, tick, tick. A bit over 12 hours to go. At this point half the struggle is over.

Eagle fans made it through an agonizing Sunday without the home team playing. All that is left is to make it through one more day of work, some Monday Night Countdown babble, and then kick-off.

And despite what many of us are thinking this morning, it is not the end of the world if the Eagles don't win the game tonight.

All the pressure falls on the Cowboys tonight. The Cowboys have been anointed the team to beat, they are the paper champs. They carry 13 Pro Bowl players. They are the NFC East Champions. They are playing at home. On and on...

If the Eagles win, everyone will be riding high. But there are still 15 weeks of regular season football to go. If the Eagles lose, everyone will be pissed. But there are still 15 weeks of regular season football to go.

In Philly we want a Championship. To get the elusive Lombardi Trophy the Eagles need to be hot at the end of the season and then scorching as they enter the playoffs. Championships are not won in week 2 of the NFL.

So again I think all the pressure is on the Cowboys tonight. This is a good thing. The past shows us that the girls come up short in pressure situations.

Despite all this I think Westbrook runs wild and Samuel earns his paycheck is a big way.
Eagles 24 Cowboys 13

In Case You Were Wondering:
- Cutting Jerome McDougle still looks like a good move by the Eagles. Jerome recorded a season high 1 tackle yesterday against the Rams. For the season he is still sackless.

What Are the Odds (From
- Which player will average more per punt return in week 2 of the NFL Season?
Adam Jones +110
DeSean Jackson -140

- Terrell Owens Receiving Yards –Week 2
Over/Under 87

- Will Terrell Owens score a Touchdown in week 2 of the 2008 NFL season?
Yes -165
No +135

- Will the winner of the MNF game win the NFC East?
Yes -160
No +130

- Who will have more passing yards in Week 2 of the NFL Season?
Donovan McNabb +12
Tony Romo -12

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