Sunday, September 28, 2008

First Half - Who Would of Thought?

When did Orton and the Bears learn to play offense...HUH?

  • Just imagine how dominant the Eagles offense would be with a TE that could catch!
  • Looks more like Dallas-game D, then Steelers-game D.
  • Looks like lesson learned by DeSean...6 points equals hands on the ball in the endzone. I wish the same 2 hands were catching that punt.
  • Just imagine how dominant the Eagles defense would be if they could cover a TE.
  • Hey, after 67 pass attemtps last week without a sack, the Bears were due for a sack (or 2)
  • Welcome to the 2008 season Reggie Brown. Told ya the Eagles are better with a healthy Reggie Brown. He could flourish in this complimentary role.
  • Sheppard, you are lucky Hester is a WR that can't catch. Samuel you weren't that lucky.
  • J. Parker gets the sacks, Cole gets the double teams. Parker should thank Cole.
  • DeSean is not a fluke my friends. He is our B-West tonight.
  • Just imagine the WRs once Curtis comes back...maybe next week?
  • If we had this special teams coverage against the Cowboys we would be 3-0
  • Mama McNabb have any left overs?!?
  • JJ, is any coach more creative with their blitz packages?
  • Don't even utter the name Reno Mahe or the Green Bay game!
  • Can any of the Eagles safeties be trusted in pass coverage? Demps I hear has some coverage skills...why not give him a shot.
  • The Bears are Eagles screen pass good.
  • Guess Orton didn't get the Memo that he should suck. Too late to bring back the Grossman, Benson combination?
  • Looks like Rocca is still searching for that consistency.
  • Eagles may be losing...but don't forget, Mets are out of the playoffs! (smiling again?)

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