Monday, September 8, 2008

The Flip Side: Hold That Excitement Eagle Fans

By Kevin Trainham: So week one has come and gone. There was tons of anticipation throughout the off season and in the preseason. Plenty of questions about this team which ranged from its linebackers, the cornerback “controversy”, play calling, McNabb's health, Jerry Rice, oops I mean, Desean Jackson(lol), etc.

I remember speaking with a friend of mine before the season started in which I stated, “After week one the Eagle faithful will have an extreme feeling of euphoria which will quickly come to a halt when they play LEGIT competition the next two weeks”.

I watched most of the games under the Reid and McNabb era. What I have learned is that when the offense is clicking, there is absolutely no stopping them. What I have also learned is that this offense tends to click like a nervous persons finger on the top of a clicky pen when it faces any HORRENDOUS secondary.

When I watched this game it bought back memories of the Detroit game last season when everything went right in the passing game. My point is this; there is not one reason to get excited about this win. Not one! This win means nothing in the grand scheme of things. They played the worst team in professional football with the thinnest roster I have ever seen in my football fan life. I am not trying to be a “hater” just stating facts.

I am really anxious to see how the Giants fair against the Rams this coming week. Now, I have the same feelings on the Cowboys and Eagles game. I personally believe the Eagles have no shot to win this game. I find that difficult to say about a team coming off a 38-3 blowout of an NFL team but The Philadelphia Eagles are what they are. Their identity is very simple.

This is a team that has had the same offensive philosophy for a decade now. Also, they have all the same components and a lot of guys who have been there or somewhere similar for a good amount of time. The coaching on offense and defense hasn’t changed.

My point to all this is that when you take a team like that and put them against a Detroit or a St Louis type that is trying to find itself or just flat out sucks you will get a positive result, sometimes staggering one every time. However, put them against quality/elite teams and it doesn’t come into play anymore. So, before you start with all the Super Bowl talk or even an NFC East title remember what you have and keep an eye on this upcoming Monday night game against a quality football team.


Michoel Botwinick said...

Who wrote this...your boss?

Anonymous said...

The next two weeks will provide the old "measuring stick" for this team. I do expect it to be close next week, given how the D handled "D" last year along with our new "D" (as in DeSean) providing an "X" factor to counteract the T of O. So bring your popcorn (along with your alphabet soup)!

Anonymous said...

I think PIT game at home will be more tough. PIT has always found a way to bring a good game against Eagles (in Reid's era).
Cowboys are coming off a bigger elation than Eagles. They torched a playoff team. It all will come down to JJ's game plan. Eagle offense will be flat. DJ will get jammed at line of scrimmage. McNabb's feet and OL are the key to win. Why didnt we get Eddie Royal? Guy gets physical with DBs. He looks more like Steve Smith than DJ.

Anonymous said...

I agree! People fail to realize just how small "DJ" is and how he disappeared after big hits in college.