Saturday, September 13, 2008

Forget Owens, Give The Eagles Witten

When the Cowboys play the Eagles, the media instantly focuses on Terrell Owens. They bring back the 2005 drama and question just how great McNabb and the Eagles could have been if T.O. remained an Eagle.

Who cares about Owens! Our WRs may not be great, but as a group they can get the job done. If we are going to play make believe and take a player from the Cowboys to make our offense prolific, give me Jason Witten. Screw T.O., Witten is the missing piece for this Eagles offense.

Just imagine the Eagles offense with Witten as the TE instead of L.J. Smith. Hell, I'd even take a return of Chad Lewis over Smith. (Lewis does carry career highs of 69 receptions and 6 TDs. Both best the highs of Smith)

Witten would give the Eagles a legitimate target over the middle who is actually consistent from game to game. Defenses would have to pay attention to our TE, which would make our WRs even more effective. Witten had 96 receptions, 1145 yards, and 7 TDs in 2007. Imagine that in Eagle green.

True Smith had a TD grab last week. But the man also had 4 drops. And maybe it's me, but every time he catches a ball, I fear a fumble.

If you doubt the skills of Witten just listen to the chatter this week as the Eagles prepare for the Cowboys. JJ and the fans are worrying about how the heck we are going to stop the TE and who is going to cover Witten. The move to quicker LBs this season by the Eagles was a direct result of having to go up against Witten. That is what Witten can do for an offense.

So if we have one wish give me Jason Witten. Sorry T.O., we still got Sheppard so you aren't a concern to this fan.

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