Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Guess Which Ricky Is back For the Eagles?

Is the off-season just beginning or is the off-season just ending? Judging by the Lito Sheppard situation it would be difficult to determine.

Following yesterday's practice, Sheppard continued to voice his displeasure with the reality that he has still not been traded and then he is still not a starting cornerback with the Eagles. Enough already! Shut-up! Talk to us after you have a full season of health and put up Pro Bowl numbers.

While rambling on about his unhappiness, Sheppard also made the following comment, "When I'm out on the field, I'm playing for me." Come on Lito, think before you speak. Such statements just make you sound ignorant to the fans. You sound like a player concerned only with the money. You are creating a disconnect with your fans. If us 9-5ers only had your problems. If you want to win the PR battle with the Eagles, such comments, combined with your idiot agent, won't do it. Imagine the fans actually taking Banner's side over yours...not good Lito.

So again, keep quiet, perform at a high level this season, and if anyone else asks, you are playing for your team, to win a championship, and for the Philly fans. No more idiot comments that stir up past memories of another Eagle who forgot to think before speaking. Remember Ricky Watters and the"For who, for what?" comment?

And speaking of Ricky, guess who will be coming back to the Linc this Sunday. McNabb's favorite Championship game target, Ricky Manning Jr.

The Rams signed Manning to a one year deal over the weekend. Can't recall the Manning Jr. name, well think back to the NFC Championship game against the Panthers. Manning picked off McNabb 3 times in that game.


Anonymous said...

lito is an idiot and rosenhaus is an ass

Anonymous said...

I Predict that Sheppard is starting by week6 and bitching by week 1.