Friday, September 19, 2008

If It's A Close Game...

I hope the Eagle players are doing a better job of getting over the Dallas game than I am...

You read the expert predictions for Sundays game against the Steelers...about 50-50 on who will win. What the majority do agree on is that the game will be close, probably decided in the 4th quarter. Ah crap!

So will it be Monday night all over again? Will the Eagles again be in position for a last minute game-winning drive? I could see it happening. And if it should escort Andy Reid right off the field! Can't move his big butt, well then assure us that Marty is the man talking in Donovan's helmet, calling the offensive plays.

I have had enough of Reid's inability to manage the clock and his inability to put the offense in a position to win with the game on the line. Reid and #5 are like panicked idiots in crunch time. Donovan making rookie mistakes, Reid calling gadget plays or mismanaging his timeouts. So if I gotta pick, give me #5 with Marty calling the plays. Just make sure those plays somehow involve B-West.

I am not predicting doom this weekend for the Eagles. I honestly believe that the Eagles will put away the Steelers pretty easily this weekend.

But if the Eagles some how come up with an L, I am not looking forward to the comments that the Eagles are the best 1-2 team in the NFL. We heard that BS all too much last year, with the Eagles being the best team to not make the playoffs!

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colonel said...

At least Andy and Donovan are consistent, and unfortunately we and the rest of the NFL know that by now. Put the pressure on and they somehow fall apart.

And, oh, that new watch that Andy got for Christmas....well I got a good look at in on Monday night on my new big screen High Definition TV and it's a Mickey Mouse watch with no second hand, so forget about any help from that with clock management!