Tuesday, September 2, 2008

In Case You Were Wondering: The Exes of The Eagles

Been a few days, so here are a few extra players you probably weren't wondering about, but now you can officially cross off of your "what the heck ever happend to" list.
  • James Thrash has secured himself yet another year with the Redskins. The same cannot be said for Billy McMullen, who was cut by the Redskins this weekend. (We complain about the Eagle WRs, but at least Thrash isn't making our roster!)
  • Kris Wilson was signed by the San Diego Chargers yesterday. The man has a knack for backing up future Hall of Famer TEs (Tony Gonzalez last year, Antonio Gates this year).
  • Will James was signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars yesterday after being released by the Buffalo Bills. The CB market must be really weak for James to continue to find employment.
  • After being signed by Oakland last week, Luke Lawton was cut by Oakland over the weekend. I guess 13 career rushing yards really doesn't get you far...go figure! Update: I guess when you add in 29 career receiving yards, you are able to keep yourself employed as Lawton has been resigned by the Raiders following his weekend cut.
  • After signing LaJuan Ramsey in the off-season, the 49ers cut Ramsey over the weekend. Wonder if Ramsey comes back to the Eagles if one of our DTs gets injured?
  • Reno Mahe, Freddie Mitchell, and Koy Detmer remained unemployed. Did anyone else know there was a Freddie Fan Club?


greencowboy said...

Lawton is back with the Raiders

Anonymous said...

Note the picture on the Freddie Fan Club Page, upper-left. Is that not Todd Stinkston going around with FredEx there? Now that's a pair!