Wednesday, September 3, 2008

In Case You Were Wondering: Jason Davis

Our FB castoffs sure are popular. As noted yesterday, Luke Lawton was resigned by the Raiders and today's news is that Jason Davis has been singed to the Chicago Bears' practice squad.

Davis also doesn't seem too happy with his release from the Eagles:

"I was the starter the whole time in Philadelphia, so I didn't even think [getting cut] was a possibility," Davis said. "But the last two [exhibition] games, they moved a tailback (Tony Hunt) to fullback. That's when I realized something wasn't right. When you go from No. 1 to No. 3 and you didn't do anything wrong, they must be going in a different direction."

Whatever. The fact that Davis couldn't beat out a FB that never played the position before is enough of a statement on his ability. But it is always good to hear ex-Eagles staying employed. Davis may only be on the practice squad, but the man is still collecting an estimated $4,000 weekly salary during the season. Beats a 9-5 job!

No fear of Davis impacting the game when the Eagles play the Bears on September 28.


Anonymous said...

FB's of Davis's caliber are a dime a dozen and if the Tony Hunt experiment fails, there will be no issue finding another one off the waive rwire just as capapble as Davis

justincharlesharlan said...

Collins will be up in a heartbeat if Hunt fails.

Davis blew.