Sunday, September 7, 2008

Irrational Today, Rational Tomorrow. BIG WIN!

Anyone who thought the excitement and buzz around the Eagles was are WRONG!

It was great to wake-up on an Eagles' Sunday again. Heading down to the game my music was blasting, I was tailgating in the parking lot eating steak at 10am in the morning, I was screaming SUCKS every time a Rams player was announced during pre-game introductions, and was screaming my lungs out when Jackson (the city just loves this guy!!), Westbrook, and McNabb were announced.

And the fans in section 204 were just amazing. After 5 years in the club seats, it was a whole new experience for my Dad and I. Fans were cheering and high-fiving everyone throughout the entire game.

So I guess the question now is...are the Eagles this good or are the Rams that bad? Who knows, and who cares. We can worry about that answer tomorrow. For today let's enjoy and savor an all around perfect game.

What the hell are Angelo and my boss going to complain about tomorrow?!? Negadelphia gets a week off this week.

Thinking Thoughts About The Eagles:

  • I loved the confidence McNabb showed in his WRs today. When there was one-on-one coverage, McNabb trusted his WRs to make a play and they did. 3 WRs with over 100 yards receiving with the top 2 WRs missing! No WR bashing this week.
  • Reggie Brown, we didn't miss you.
  • The OL played terrific. I don't think McNabb was touched all game.
  • Though sometimes we may scream for McNabb to run when there is open field, today he played it smart and looked for the pass. There is no need for unnecessary hits this early in the season. His goal, our goal is to have a healthy #5 all season!
  • I think I am developing a man-crush on DeSean Jackson. Trust me, Jackson-mania is going to sweep this city if this level of play continues. My only complaint of Jackson is to minimize the negative yards on punt returns.
  • And I thought Greg Lewis only showed up against the Patriots.
  • The Rams were 0-11 on third down conversions. That's right zero conversions! The defense was lights out.
  • I am thinking Sheldon Brown makes an appearance on this weeks' "Jacked Up." What is better, his previous hit on Reggie Bush or today's helmet popper on Steven Jackson?
  • I would of liked to see the Eagles run the ball more, establish the run in the 2nd quarter. Reid seemed a little too pass happy.
  • Stewart Bradley lived up to the hype. He was everywhere, leading the team in tackles.
  • A little bit concerned going into next week's game and defending Jason Witten. McMichael got open way too easily today. I liked the dime package where the Eagles played 3 safeties to help in covering the TE.
  • Asante Samuel is as good as advertised. Though his one drop did have six points written all over it.
  • L.J. Smith had a nice TD catch, but he is still dropping the ball too much. For now let's call it rust. But 5 million a year should buy better hands.
  • McNabb...2008 MVP. It wouldn't shock me.
  • Still waiting on Booker to show me something. He needs to be more patient and follow the the block instead of trying to create his own hole.
  • The special teams coverage units were outstanding. Kudos to Rocca as well. The speed of Demps is an asset both on returns and on coverage.
  • Tony Hunt punching one in. Hopefully this keeps him happy in the FB position.
  • Is it too early to look into tickets to Tampa (irrational today, rational tomorrow!)
  • And the Phillies won another one against the Mets...go for the sweep tonight. Great sports day in Philly!
  • I am looking forward to another great season with my dad. Great opening day with you!

Enjoy the win. It is going to be a great week dissecting this game. Oh yea, it's Dallas week too! Football is back. E-A-G-L-E-S...Eagles!!


Michoel Botwinick said...

YEESSS! Just what the Eagles needed, to start off on the right foot.

Now it's Dallas Week!!!

colonel said...

I did see some fans rushing out of the Linc to pack their bags for Tampa,but while rationally it might still be a little early for that, it was a great start to hopefully a great season. If they can keep up the level of play and keep down the penalties, anything is possible!

Pass the rare steak and green koolaide!

colonel said...

I think this just shows, not to argue with Andy's philosophy, with good fast receivers like Jackson, Donovan can be even better, and so can the whole team.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Colonel. Good receivers means a better Donovan, which is very scary for the league.

Anonymous said...

Not much of a game against the Rams. But the Eagles played a freaking perfect game. Couldn't ask for anything more in Week #1.