Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's A Love / Hate Relationship

We love #5, we hate #5. It's not Donovan's fault. It's Donovan's fault. Since McNabb is the QB, the spotlight will always shine the brightest on him. Opinions will always focus on him.

I would not define myself as a McNabb "hater." On the flip side I am not always his biggest fan. I will always be a fan of the team first. I bleed Eagles green, not McNabb green. As a fan I am smart enough to realize how lucky Philly is to have McNabb under center for the past decade. Year in and year out we have one of the league's top QBs. It is a great shame to the fans and also to him that #5 hasn't been surrounded with the offensive talent needed to maximize individual and team success.

With McNabb under center the Eagles will always have that championship chance. He is simply just that talented. I do not want him to leave or get traded following the 2008 season. I would rather he play his entire career in Eagles green. I don't want to start a season without #5, because then that season will be without that championship feeling.

But with all this praise, I was reminded the other night of what I believe to be the greatest fault I find in McNabb. #5 doesn't inspire confidence in me (or many others that I have spoken to) when the pressure in the game is at it's highest.

Honestly, on Monday night when the Eagles needed points in the 4th quarter, were you more Donovan CAN do it or more I HOPE Donovan can do it / I HOPE we don't have a turnover.

Maybe my feelings are in the minority but I tend to doubt it. If I have been burned too many times by the lack of a clutch play or untimely turnover, and since you are watching the same games, then you too have been burned.

In short, when the game is on the line I tend to expect the worst from McNabb (and of course Reid) and then become shocked if things actually do go the way of success.

So it is kind of a "Catch 22" here. As a fan I appreciate everything McNabb does for the Eagles and rank him as one of the top QBs. But oddly enough, such feelings come without much confidence.

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