Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Jessica Simpson Bashes Our Iggles

The idiot comments continue to roll out from Dallas. First Adam Jones ran his trap, and now Jessica Simpson feels the need to weigh in with her thoughts on Monday night's game... "We're gonna kick your [Eagles] butts!"

It appears that Ms. Simpson has learned nothing from last years Cowboys debacle against the Eagles. Just keep running your mouth everyone.

Way to fight your own battles Mr. Romo. T.O. won't be the only crying next week.

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Anonymous said...

Pathetic! Do you fans really believe that the words of WHOEVER Romo is laying the pipe to matters to the proud and talented players in the Eagles locker room. 'Boys/Eagles has to be the best rivalry in the NFL and I think will go three rounds this year as they meet in the playoffs. If your team has to find motivation with this kind of fluff you're in deep doodoo. I think you'll find that the game on Monday night will be just a bit more competitive than your last one. 1 - 1 is in your future courtesy of the Cowboys, final score 27 - 17. The City of Brotherly Love, my ass. You disgraced yourselves as fans and as people when you cheered as Michael Irvin lay prone on your turf.
Hugs and Kisses,
Upshaw's Ghost