Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just Say No DeSean

I can see Joe Banner now. Sitting in his office thinking of how he is going to scam yet another young player into signing a contract that the player will no doubt outperform before the ink is dry. Sitting in his office counting the millions that remain under the salary cap.

Words of advice to DeSean Jackson. Just say no. Take a look at the unhappy cornerback a few lockers down from you. Don't do it. Avoid the temptation. When Banner approaches you, use your speed, and run.

You think you are the real deal DeSean? Well then don't sign the dotted line. Don't let the Eagles talk you into one of their early contract extensions in a few years. Play out your rookie deal. They will promise you security and a decent signing bonus. In return you give up your freedom and the opportunity to get market value when your skills are at their highest. Don't believe me, again, just look at that unhappy Sheppard fellow. Look at what Westbrook had to go through to get a new deal. It only took firing one agent and having the best RB season in the history of the franchise!

So I say it again. Just say no. Do not fall into the Banner trap in a few years. You don't seem to be short on confidence. You exude cockiness. Let these traits serve you well in your negotiations with the Eagles. (Yes I am aware that Jackson has only played 1 NFL game...just having some fun at Banner's expense...nothing wrong with that!)


Anonymous said...

Somehow Banner will trick him too!

Anonymous said...

My money is one Cole being the next unhappy Eagle with his contract

Anonymous said...

Desean for Pres!

Anonymous said...

Lmao........good call! Great blog!

justincharlesharlan said...

Why are you so anti Banner?

He's a shrewd businessman who inks deals to keep our guys here. If someone truly outplays their contract, they'll earn a new extension.

This is the same lame BS that has people saying, "Just give Lito the money!"