Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lito Sheppard The Starter?

"What's important for us to understand is that we're here to win and try to accomplish something. All that other bullcrap, it can be handled at a different time."

Sheldon Brown nailed it perfectly with his above statement on the Eagles CB rotation. Who cares who is playing, the most important thing is getting the W. And since that is the case, I think that Brown is our back-up CB this week against Dallas. Sheppard and Samuel should be our starting CBs.

Brown gets benched not because of poor play against the Rams. Come on, did you see that hit on Jackson?!? And his coverage skills were equally as good throughout the game. The fact is that when playing against Terrell Owens, Lito is the man for the assignment. The numbers don't lie.

In last season's first match-up against the Cowboys, T.O. had 10 receptions for 174 yards and a touchdown in the Cowboys’ 38-17 win. Lito Sheppard did not play in that game.

Fast forward to the season's next match-up in December. The Eagles had a healthy Sheppard. T.O. finished with just two receptions for 37 yards. The Eagles were 10-6 winners.

Flashback to the 2006 season, again the Eagles had a healthy Lito Sheppard. Again T.O. was shut down. In game 1, T.O. had 3 receptions for 45 yards, while Sheppard had a 102 yard interception return for a touchdown. In game 2, T.O. had 2 receptions for 37 yards. Both games were Eagle victories.

So if the ultimate goal is winning on Monday night, Sheppard gets the start. Just don't let Rosenhaus know about it!

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