Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Mornings SUCK

Don't forget, the Phillies are in the playoffs!

These national, late night games are getting to be a killer on a work-day morning...couldn't the Eagles of at least won for us! And hey on the bright side, we are probably the best 2-2 team in football, the best last place divisional team in the NFL. And don't forget, the Mets choked again!

Is it too early to call next Sunday a must win game for the Eagles? Can the Eagles really afford to fall further back of the other NFC East teams...don't think so.

Sunday Night Additional Thoughts:
  • Stating the obvious...the Eagles red zone offense needs to improve. Like 2007, game after game the Eagles are settling for way too many field goals. And each time, being unable to get 6 points has come back to cost the Eagles.
  • Zero creativity in Reid's play calling on that decisive goal line drive.
  • You gotta hope the Westbrook injury is only one missed game. A healthy #5 is key, but the offense won't go anywhere without the dynamic #36 in the backfield. I was one of a number of idiots who made the comment last week, "Against the Bears, Buckhalter will be more than enough in the backfield."
  • Booker has shown absolutely nothing through the first 4 weeks. Told ya Parcells wouldn't just let talent walk. Moats looked better than this.
  • Speaking of off-season additions, at what point does Chris Clemons get on the field (outside of special teams!). BUST!
  • Reid you gotta throw the review (red) flag and challenge the spot of that Forte 7 yard catch and ball spot in the 2nd quarter.
  • Reid you gotta know better than to send Akers out for 47 and 50 yard field goals in the WINDY city. That kind of leg strength just isn't there anymore for David.
  • Tony Hunt you gotta hit the right hole. The hole was there for Hunt to score on the 2nd and goal running play in the 4th quarter. I am still having difficulty figuring out why Reid pulled Buckhalter for that play.
  • Sometimes we forget that DeSean Jackson is a rookie. Well until he makes rookie mistakes.
  • What happened to Hank Baskett? One catch against the Bears after a huge Steelers game.
  • Who knew that McNabb and Reid had as many wins (75) as Joe Montana and Bill Walsh.
  • The big head scratcher is how the Eagles D was able to shut down the Pittsburgh Steelers but give up 24 points to Kyle Orton and the Bears?
  • The run D was again stellar, but when they needed a stop to get the offense the ball with over 2 minutes remaining they whiffed on Forte.
  • I still can't believe the Bears beat the Eagles...AGAIN! The Bears had 60 total yards in the 2nd half and won! Mondays really suck following an Eagles loss.


colonel said...

Whatever Westbrooke is getting paid, needs to be at least doubled. After last nights pittiful performance, it is obvious that when push literally comes to shove, the Eagles can't win without him. Get well SOON, Brian!

I know, pardon the pun, this was a no win situation for Reid. If he had decided to go for the Field Goal and they lost by 1, he would have been roasted. Since he decided to go for it, and the team couldn't make it, he's also now being roasted, but he "needs to do a better job" with his red zone offense. That was terrible!


Anonymous said...

watching the eagles is like repeated kicks in the groin!