Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Money Man Speaks

Say what you will about McDougle...3 career sacks, never made a single start in his career, but you can't argue the fact that he had a very strong preseason for the Eagles. Despite the strong showing he was released and is now sporting Giants' blue. And if you listen to the media speak, the main reason that McDougle is now with the Giants is because he didn't receive a $4 million signing bonus this off-season.

Chris Clemons did receive that $4 million signing bonus. Chris Clemons did not have a strong preseason. Clemons spent training camp fighting off injuries. But if you listen to Clemons, it appears that the injuries are in the past and he is ready to step up...

"Just show up on Sundays and take notes. The proof is in the pudding. Unfortunately, the injuries came in the preseason, and I wasn't able to show the organization exactly what I'm capable of doing. Would [the fans] rather see me in the preseason or in the regular season? That's the question. Not to say that preseason isn't important, but at the end of the day, if you get hurt in the preseason, then there is no regular season."

I hope the man is right. Clemons is the big addition to a DE rotation, that outside of Cole, had difficulty pressuring the QB last season. If Clemons is healthy and able to duplicate his 2007 season the Eagles should be fine at the DE position. Once Abiamiri returns one could even say DE would be a position of strength.

But if Clemons is wrong and if the Eagles were wrong in putting business before performance, we must pray that that our CB trio is as good as advertised.

Without DE pressure on the QB the shutdown ability of Sheppard, Brown, and Samuel will be tested. If Jim Johnson can only generate pressure through creative blitz packages, those CBs are going to be playing a lot of man to man. Makes you kinda wish that Sheppard wasn't so pissed off at the team if this situation does arise!

So all eyes on you Mr. Clemons (all eyes will be on McDougle this Thursday night). Hopefully your actions back up your words.


Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Definitely didn't expect this, as I've heard very good things about McDougle from Training Camp. Clemons better show up, and impress in a big way.