Monday, September 8, 2008

More Eagles Good News, A Cowboy Hurt

Few things are better than a Monday morning after our Eagles dominate on Sunday. To help make the morning even better...Dallas Cowboys running back Marion Barber suffered an injury to his rib cartilage on Sunday afternoon against the Browns. The reports have Barber needing pain killing injections to play next week against the Eagles.

And here's one guy who could make those ribs feel even worse next Monday night. Which is Sheldon Brown's better hit..on Reggie Bush or yesterday's hit on Jackson?

And to read about what the St. Louis papers are saying about yesterday's game check out this link. TE McMichael summarizes it well, "To put it in simple terms, we got our butt whipped today," tight end Randy McMichael said Sunday. "There's no way you can sugarcoat it."

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Anonymous said...

Yea, I caught that in the paper at lunch today - suddenly, my lunch tasted an awful lot better knowing that maybe for once, we will inflict more pain on him than he will on us!