Thursday, September 25, 2008

A New T.O., But in NY

As Eagle fans, we've been there, we've done that. A star WR who thinks he is bigger than the team. A star WR that is suspended. A star WR that is represented by Drew Rosenhaus.

Yesterday's news of Plaxico Burress being suspended instantly brought back memories of the 2005 season and Mr. Terrell Owens. With Plaxico it appears yesterday was more "last straw"then first offense. No one is bigger than the team, and the Giants proved this with their 2 week, 1 game suspension. (If Burress still doesn't get the message I hear that Hugh Douglas is free in the afternoons)

As an Eagles fan I am very curious to see how the Burress situation plays out. Will Burress right his wrongs or will he soon be spotted doing sit-ups and press conferences from his driveway? This fan is hoping for the later. This fan is also happy that Rosenhaus now has another team, another player to yap to and about. Good luck NY!

Sometime you really have to wonder if the me-first attitudes (love me some me) that most often accompanies a top-flight #1 WR is worth it to a team. Please keep Rosenhaus the hell away from DeSean Jackson!!

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glenn warciski said...

I have not seen pictures of helicopters hovering over Plax's residence. Although, according to media reports, recently, police have been at his house two times. His wife Tiffany has made domestic dispute calls to local officials. At this time, his no show and no call to team headquarters is unrelated to his marital discord. Furthermore, Rosenhaus is negotiating his fine.

With Plax in the line up, the Giants are struggling to score points. Without him playing against Seattle, the Seahawks may win against them next week.

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