Sunday, September 14, 2008

NFL: Parity Be Thy Name

When Superbowl hopefuls in Jacksonville start off 0-2, AFC West powerhouse San Diego looks weak for a second week in a row, Peyton's squad in Indy looked pitiful for their first 7 quarters of the season, and the favorites to win the NFC South are upset by the Redskins... parity is truly a force to be reckoned with in today's NFL. The phrase "Any Give Sunday" seems to increasingly gain validity when we see Chicago beat up on Indy or San Diego lose to a Steve Smith-less Carolina team, this week doesn't seem any less interesting.

In this parity filled NFL, it is interesting to be in the most competitive division in the NFC. Dallas, New York, and our Philadelphia Eagles are all considered possible winners of this division and probable playoff teams. With a close battle between NY and Washington last week, this Monday should prove to be another in a series of brutal nail-biters in the NFC East.

Anyone can win any week and we always need to remember that. Look at all the last minute wins and comebacks that have already happened this week. No lead is safe, no team is out of it, play hard, and play smart. May the best team (which is of course, the Eagles) prevail.


Anonymous said...

true dat. chargers and seahawks are 0-2.

Anonymous said...

I thought the saints might be the real deal. i was Wrong!

chris klinkner said...

injuries = parity