Monday, September 22, 2008

On Three, Everybody Breathe!

Anyone else spend their lunch listening to the Reid PC? If you did, it was worth it.

The news from Big Andy is that Westbrook is day-to-day with an ankle strain, there is nothing torn in the ankle, and it will be "a race to get him [Westbrook] ready for Sunday."

So everyone can now exhale, the season is not lost.

I say to be safe, sit Westbrook and ride the Buck for the Bears game, then bring Westbrook back for the division game against the Redskins. Or knowing Andy and seeing the Bucs pass 67 times yesterday against the Bears, I am sure McNabb will be letting it fly on Sunday!

And if anyone cared, there were no updates on L.J. Smith's back injury. Despite his absence from the box score, he still plays for the Eagles.

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