Monday, September 22, 2008

Pass The Buck, Run The Buck

Tick, tick, tick. Eagles nation is collectively holding their breath as we await the results of Brian Westbrook's MRI. Say it with me...please don't be serious, please don't be serious...PLEASE!

I say the Eagles can manage one maybe two games without #36. Anything longer, well our Super dreams could be in some Super trouble.

In the short-term, what should give us confidence is Buckhalter. Buck can't replace Westbrook. Hell, no RB in the entire NFL can replace B-West. Westbrook is simply that good. But there is no reason that Buckhalter cannot fill-in, and fill-in very nicely for Westbrook in the short-term.

Flash back to last years' game against the Giants. In Westbrook's absence, Buckhalter rushed for 100+ yards. Fast forward to yesterday, 43 yards rushing and 44 yards receiving and 1 TD. A Westbrook-like, dual threat performance.

So as we await the MRI results, don't fret yet Philly. Buck is more than capable of carrying the load against the Bears and Redskins. The man carries a career 4.5 y.p.c. average, has twice posted 500+ rushing yards in a season, and has a season career high of 8 rushing TDs. Pretty decent numbers to accompany a dominant McNabb and deep WR group.

Heck maybe even Booker can show us something. I wouldn't hold your breath on that one though!

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