Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pray For Our Eagles

Funny story...two weeks back we compared the Eagles first opponent, the Rams, to playing against the Little Sisters of the Poor. And wouldn't you know the next day I got an email from the Little Sisters of the Poor (Alabama chapter) letting me know they caught the post.

Good to see that we have Eagle fans in all the right places! After some back and forth with one of the sisters it was promised by her that the Eagles (and of course Bleed Eagles Green) would be in her prayers. (Hi Sr. Paul Mary, lsp)

So is it time to cash in the prayers? Nah, it's only week 3 of the regular season. Plus I think the Eagles offense will put up an easy win against the Steelers tomorrow.

Eagles 31
Steelers 17

Bleeding the Green...Kudos to Al for taking the red eye back from MN today, visiting your best friend's newborn baby, and freeing up your Sunday for the Eagles!

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