Monday, September 15, 2008

The QBs and The Numbers

QB is the most important position of the field. Case closed. As the QB goes, so goes the team.

Following such logic, tonight's game will be won or lost based on the play of Romo or McNabb. Strictly looking at the numbers each QB has posted against the other team(regular season), it looks like tonight's winner will be easy to determine.

But come on, is anyone really surprised. Eagles vs. Cowboys is a big-time, pressure filled game, and well, Romo sucks in those games!

McNabb: 11 wins, 5 defeats
Romo: 1 win, 2 defeats

- 279 - 512
- 3281 yards
- 22 TDs
- 12 interceptions
- 66 rushing attempts, 378 yards

- 47-90
- 680 yards
- 4 TDs
- 6 interceptions
- 4 rushing attempts, 58 yards


Anonymous said...

Even in the regular season Romo chokes!

Anonymous said...

McNabb steps up when it counts the most.

Anonymous said...

Does Romo get points for having a hot GF?

Anonymous said...

McNabb is #1

Anonymous said...

well said my man. numbers don't lie