Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Saverio is a BONZER

Reid on Rocca: "It all came together toward the end of last year." And we fans thought our only special team weapons this year would be DeSean and Quintin. Wrong! Welcome to the party Saverio!

It's not often you give props to a punter, but Rocca deserves HUGE accolades after the Steelers game:

- Five punts, 44.4-yard average, net of 43.4 yards (meaning only five return yards)
- Nailed a 64 yard punt from his own one, landing the ball at the Steeler 25
- Nailed 54 yard punt, pinning the Steelers at their own 6 yard line
- Pinned the Steelers back again with a 37 yard punt to the Pittsburgh 7

"You don't very often talk about a punter being a weapon, but he was tonight,'' said Andy Reid.

If Rocca can continue this mastery (though consistency has been a problem for him), the Eagles have found themselves an answer to winning the field position battle week in and week out. Pinning the opposition consistently inside the 20 also makes the Eagles D even more powerful.

Let's all have a HOG WASH for Rocca. Philly is MASHED with Rocca..well at least for this week!

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