Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Shut It Jerry Jones

No doubt that I haven't fully gotten over the loss last night. But as I always say irrational today, rational tomorrow.

So I grab today's paper and read the following quote from Cowboys owner Jerry Jones:

"McNabb, by having the experience he's got, is better than his younger years. He's still got that mobility. He does a better job when he gets the ball and doesn't have the turnovers. He was a mess out there for our guys tonight. We were fortunate to win this game and everybody knows it."

Excuse me, doesn't have turnovers?!? What were you refilling your popcorn in the 4th quarter and missed the super tricky, double clutch, fumbled hand-off?!?

Give Donovan his props. In all he had a very strong game. He was even the old elusive McNabb at times.

But for a 10 year veteran, you have to be able to hand the ball off cleanly. You cannot kill a possible nail-in-the-coffin drive by fumbling the ball. No excuses.

There was plenty of blame to go around for last night's defeat. But despite all the missteps, the Eagles had a change to put the game away, but McNabb fumbled that chance away (literally).

Oh and if you are a ten year veteran, you also gotta know better and throw the ball away on that last drive. Throw it out of bounds. You just can't put your team in a 4th and 17 spot.

But I exhale. As I mentioned yesterday, it is only week 2. There are 15 weeks left to go. When predicting the Eagles 2008 record no one had them winning this game. The sky is not falling, the world is not ending.

1-1 after two weeks is what we expected. But when 2-0 is just a hand-off away, boy does this loss sting!

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