Monday, September 1, 2008

Sizing Up The Rams. Small at Best.

Less than one week to go my friends. This time next week were are dissecting the results of a real game. No more banter about the roster, no more guessing on 2008 records. The real deal begins next Sunday.

Here's a quick look at the Eagles first opponent, the St. Louis Rams (we will do offense today and defense tomorrow).

Admit it, when running through your 2008 Eagles season predictions, NO ONE had the Eagles losing to the Rams. Next Monday the Eagles should be 1-0. If not, let the worrying begin.
  • QB: Marc Bulger: Coming off the worst statistical season of his career. Does he have the ability to carry an offense that lacks the big stars of years past. I doubt it.
  • RB: Steven Jackson: If Jackson can stay healthy he is a top-5 back in the league. Think 2006, not 2007, when judging Jackson.
  • FB: Brian Leonard: Undersized for a FB. Leonard would probably be better suited as a HB getting 10-15 touches a game. Unfortunately Leonard won't see that action with a healthy Jackson.
  • WR: Torry Holt: Some people are beginning to express concern about his age (32). Despite playing in an anemic offense last year, he still managed 93 receptions, 1189 yards, and 7 TDs.
  • WR: Drew Bennett: He is coming off a disappointing season as a slot receiver. The Rams hope that a move to the outside will rejuvenate him. As the team's #2 WR he cannot repeat last years' 33 reception, 375 yards, and 3 TD performance.
  • TE: Randy McMichael: The Rams expected more from McMichael last year after signing him away from the Dolphins. He is high on athleticism, but unfortunately low on results.
  • LT: Orlando Pace: If Pace can manage to stay healthy he is an All-Pro. Unfortunately staying healthy is a big IF with Pace as he has played in just nine games over the past two years.
  • LG: Jacob Bell: Some say that Bell is the most valuable free agent signing the team has had in years. The Rams' O-line will benefit greatly from his power and intensity.
  • C: Brett Romberg: The best of a mediocre bunch at Center for the Rams. Don't be surprised to see Romberg benched at some point this season.
  • RG: Richie Incognito On-field demeanor can rub some the wrong way. So can his history of knee problems.
  • RT: Alex Barron: A great athlete at the Tackle position, though some question his passion for the game and shaky fundamentals.

At a quick glance, I would give the Eagles the edge at QB, RB, and as a group the O-line.

Again, the Eagles cannot lose this game. 0-1 is unacceptable this year.

Random Thought: If you are keeping track at home on this year's off-season signings: Lawton (cut), Boiman (cut), Wilson (cut), Clemons (injured), Klecko (DT after being brought in as a FB), and Samuels (real deal).

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Anonymous said...

Not that you were being critical but in terms of the free agent cuts we need to bear in mind that these days very few good players actually make it to free agency. Obviously Samuels being one of the key exceptions. So the fact that Lawton, Boiman and Wilson were cut doesn't mean much. It really doesn't cost the Eagles (or any other team) much to take a chance on these marginal players and see what happens. Worst case (or perhaps best case) is that draft picks who are younger perform better and the team moves on with them instead.