Thursday, September 25, 2008

So Very Young, So Very Good

Is the Eagles D more Cowboys game or more Rams-Steelers games? Listening to expert talk this week, most are saying Rams-Steelers. If this is the case, look out Kyle Orton. Better yet, if this is the case, look out NFL. This is only the beginning!

Outside of a few aging veterans, the core of the Eagles D is loaded with young players. 2008 might have some occasional growing pains, but it could also begin to lay the foundation for a return to championship level D season after season.
  • Chris Gocong: 24 years old
  • Stewart Bradley: 24
  • Omar Gaither: 24
  • Trent Cole: 25
  • Mike Patterson: 25
  • Brodrick Bunkley: 24
  • Quintin Mikell: 28
  • Asante Samuel: 27

And if Mr. Banner is known for anything, it is being able to lock-up the team's young talent. Philly football is back!

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