Monday, September 22, 2008

Standing For McNabb

I hope you got it out of your system national media. I no longer want to hear about how under appreciated McNabb is in Philly. I no longer want to hear about how the Eagle fans don't show #5 the love.

Just last week we were forced to AGAIN watch the clip of McNabb being booed on draft day during a Monday night ESPN pregame promo.

After yesterday the national media should SHUT UP!

Not once, but TWICE yesterday McNabb received a standing ovation from the Philadelphia fans. And I mean the WHOLE stadium was standing, cheering, showing their Philly love for McNabb.

The first ovation occurred when it was announced that McNabb had broken the franchise record for TD passes. The second ovation occurred when McNabb returned to the field in the 2nd half (after missing the first 2 drives because of a chest injury).

The national media idiots may find it hard to believe, but we in Philadelphia do appreciate what McNabb has done for the franchise. We also realize that Kolb is no McNabb, and without #5, well there goes our playoff chances.

McNabb we love you. Hopefully the national scene now realizes that too.


colonel said...

Honestly, I think the second standing ovation was because the whole stadium had just watched Kolb try to quaterback!

But, despite what the media, and McNabb himself, might say and think, if you play well in Philadelphia, you will be recognized and appreciated. McNabb earned and deserved both ovations!!

Anonymous said...

Philly loves D-Mac!

Anonymous said...

I was there and cheering too!