Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A W is only a W If It's a W

I almost fell into the trap.

Yea it was only a Week 2 game. Yea there were plenty of positives to take away from hanging with one of the NFL's top teams. But in the end the Eagles lost the game.

As fans we cannot accept a moral victory. We especially cannot accept a moral victory against the stinking Cowboys. We cannot begin to view losses like wins just because we played so well for 3/4 of the game. Before you know it the Eagles are sporting a losing record and the season is spiraling out of control.

Don't be happy with Monday nights performance. We could and should of won the game.
The Eagles crumbled in a pressure filled fourth quarter. The defense couldn't make a stop and our QB played more like a rookie than a 10 year veteran. The result was a loss. The result was an NFC East rival going 1-0 in the division and the Eagles going 0-1. Football is funny. At the end of the season one win might be the difference between the playoffs or another January at home.

I am fully confident that the Eagles are one of the NFL's top teams. But Eagle fans and players cannot become complacent with moral victories. It's like being happy with just making the playoffs every year.

In Philadelphia the only thing that matters to us now is winning that elusive championship. And the only way that trophy is coming to Philly is to put up Ws that are truly Ws.


colonel said...

Yep....only a W is a W, and the Eagles have to be able to get those W's against teams that are as good or better than them.

It's one thing to win against a team like the Rams, but we also have to win against teams like the Cowboys and the Giants and, this weekend, the Steelers.

The Steelers may be hurting, but the Eagles were sloopy Monday night, and they must clean up their act for this Sunday's game!

Anonymous said...

PIT has Philly's number. It is gonna be tougher than Dallas game.
I see D being shredded into piece second week in a row. Parker is going to have a big day. It will come down to McNabb's ability to handle the pressure and finish the game in 4th qtr. Somebody needs to send him Brady's tapes of 4th qtrs. McNabb wont be an elite QB until he figures out how to deal with his emotions. Sometimes it feels like he is still trying to win a college game.