Friday, September 19, 2008

Why Reggie Brown Isn't #1

An old face becomes a new face this week. Reggie Brown will be making his season debut on Sunday against the Steelers. As of now the hamstring is ready to go. (I'll truly believe it when kick-off rolls around.)

Everyone should be happy. We are getting one of our starting WRs back. Well don't count me as one of the happy ones.

Listening to the comments from Brown yesterday just reiterates why he will never become a top notch receiver in the league. They man is too complacent. The man doesn't have the confidence or cockiness that accompanies a #1 WR. The man seems too comfortable being just another run-of-the-mill WR. And if things don't work out, oh well, it's not as if Reid would cut him (see Greg Lewis example!).

I could be taking his comments out of context. Maybe the man does have the fire to succeed and maybe this is the year he does. Maybe he is more Marvin Harrison quiet then Chad Johnson or T.O. obnoxious. But I doubt it.

Brown's stats support his tone and comments. He is average, maybe good, but not great. But whatever, we have our #1 WR in Jackson now. And we owe the Jackson discovery in large part to Brown. Without Brown's injury, Jackson might not have had the chance to shine, to show he actually has the make-up of a top WR. So Reggie, you ain't all bad.
  • "I'm going to try to go out there and do my job and not make mistakes."
  • "The receiving corps is looking good; I'm just going to go out there and try not to mess things up."

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