Sunday, September 14, 2008

Why We Hate Dallas: Chris Boniol

Not that's it difficult to come up with reasons to hate the Cowboys. But here is another one...(most of you probably repressed this memory, sorry!)

Chris Boniol. Holy crap he sucked. But he didn't always suck. Prior to his two year stint with the Eagles, Boniol was Mr. Automatic, nailing 96 and 89 percent of his field goals with the Cowboys.

Upon signing the kicker the Eagles thought they were pulling one over on the Cowboys. Not exactly. I swear the man had a deal with the Cowboys to screw us. In 1997 Boniol hit only 71% of his field goals with the Eagles. Can't get much worse than that right...ah, check that. Boniol went on to hit only 66% of his field goals in 1998.

And of course we can't forget September 15, 1997. Boniol gets a buddy to help screw us.

The Eagles trailed the girls 21-20, but were set-up for a last second chip-shot field goal. Game in the bag, Eagles win 23-21, right?!? WRONG!

The ball is snapped...crap...holder Tom Hutton bobbles the kick attempt by Boniol...crap...Hutton attempts to run...maybe...crap...Hutton fumbles the ball...Eagles lose!

And go figure, the man is now teaching future kickers at the Chris Boniol Kicking Camp how to screw the Eagles.

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