Thursday, September 11, 2008

The WR Silient Treatment

I was one of them. All off-season, no-matter what the Eagles did, we bitched about the WRs.

Sign Asante Samuel, who cares, we need a receiver. McNabb looks great, who cares since he has no one to throw too. We read about an unhappy WR elsewhere in the league, we all of a sudden have that WR coming to Philly. Some scrub WR gets cut, we need to sign him cause he is better than the slop we got. On and on and....

Well I guess the answer to our complaints was the Rams. Having 3 back-up WRs each post 100+ yard games will silence even the most negative of fans. There hasn't been a peep of negativity about the WR position this week. Zero calls to cut Greg Lewis!

True the Eagles would still be better team with a dominant #1 WR (see 2004). But hopefully we will begin to realize that with our current group of WRs that the Eagles are going to be OK.

When Brown and Curtis return to the mix we are a legitimate 5 deep at the WR position. What other teams have this depth? The Seahawks would kill for this group right now. Just look at the Billy McMullen signing yesterday. And just wait until Westbrook gets more involved in the passing game. That will only make the WR bunch better.

So for at least this week the WRs have escaped the criticism. Instead fans are spending time showering praise on the WRs. And go figure, the town's new favorite Eagle, DeSean Jackson, is actually a WR. Whoever ever would of seen this coming. Oh yea, Andy Reid did!

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Anonymous said...

Lets not jinx this good thing we got going.

Anonymous said...

Can this Eagles back-ups do it again this week? I hope so. Dallas sucks!

Anonymous said...

D-Sean is the man!!

Anonymous said...

Are you SERIOUS!!!??? lol Cmon man!!