Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yikes...It Still Hurts!

What now Doc? During today's PC, McNabb noted that his chest is actually feeling worse, not better, since Sunday. The pain is causing McNabb to miss practice this week. But the silver lining is that he does expect to suit up for Sunday's game against the Bears.

Earlier in the week Reid had indicated that Donovan's chest injury should feel better as the week progressed. Guess that is why we don't call him Dr. Reid.

What the hell is a chest contusion?

Well defines a chest contusion as a bruise to the chest wall. The bruise may involve the skin, ribs, or muscles of the chest wall. symptoms include chest pain and swelling. Most chest contusions heal within 2 weeks. Severe injuries may also cause bruising of the heart and lungs.

Symptoms of a chest contusion include:

- Vomiting
- Fumbling

- Throwing at the ground
- Panicking in a games' final 2 minutes
- Whining

Anyone else fearful that down the road we are going to find out that the injury was worse than first reported and that McNabb is going to miss an extended period of time? With McNabb and injuries we have become accustomed to thinking the worst (usually because the worst happens!)

So as of now I would think McNabb is a go for the Bears and probably not Westbrook. After Sunday who knows. But then the question arises...

Are the Eagles better with McNabb and Buckhalter starting or better with Kolb and Westrook starting??

Side Note: Doctors are still working to determine the cause of L.J. Smith and Reggie Brown disappearing during games. The initials reports have each suffering from a case of YOU SUCK!

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