Friday, October 31, 2008

Remember Me? Please Remember Me!

I interrupt your celebration to bring you this little reminder...the Eagles have a game this weekend...just in case you had forgotten.

And it can't just be me...has all of this Phillies celebrating caused a renewed excitement in the Eagles? We now know that Philly isn't cursed, the chips can actually fall our way. Why stop at one...why not make Philadelphia the City of Champions. Screw you Boston, here comes Philly!

It was only a few months back that fans were complaining about the Phillies, about how it was going to be another short playoff run, IF they even made it to the playoffs. And now look at them, the 2008 World Champions of Baseball!

Why can't the Eagles follow their lead? Are there really any truly great teams in the NFL right now? Nope, parity rules the season. The Eagles have just as good of a chance as any of the other top teams. And yes the Eagles are a top team.

Currently the Eagles have won 2 straight. Next up are the lowly Seahawks. Winning streak now at 3. Then the NFC East leading home. I've been watching the Giants and I don't buy into their record, a weak schedule and a Pittsburgh team without their top RB and WR. And even then it took a botched punt snap by the Steelers to get the Giants back into the game. Winning streak at 4 and possibly a return to the top of the NFC East.

Outside of the NFC East, the Eagles opponents are a joke. The Browns, Bengals, Ravens, Cardinals...not worried one bit. Yea, "any given Sunday" could screw the Eagles and my high hopes, but when I look at this Eagles team I see very few weaknesses.

Passing game, McNabb is still one of the best. Running game, B-West is the best and combined with Buck, what a 1-2 punch. WRs, as a whole they are putting up some of the best numbers in the NFL. TE, hell even LJ showed signs of life last week. The OL, the group still has one great year left together. The Defense, the QB pressure is there, the run D is a top-5 unit, the pass D boasts 3 stellar CBs, and the turnovers are aplenty this year. Just learn how to cover a TE and keep Dawkins out of pass coverage and we are solid.

2008 can be just a memorable for the Eagles as it was for the Phillies. Maybe all these optimism is the result of attending today's parade and just being jacked-up with optimism. But I can honestly see another parade come February. Hopefully by then SEPTA figures out what the hell they are doing!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Best Part Of Winning In 5...

Sure last night's win gave the city it's first title in 25 years, the Phillies their first title in 28 years. But you know what the best part of winning the World Series in 5 games more having to listen to Joe Buck!

Poor Joe must have been heart-broken to see his Rays suffer defeat last night. Everything Phillies related always came with a negative tone and a negative connotation. At times he almost seem pissed that the Phillies were taking up his time.

Just one more reason to celebrate today and tomorrow.

See everyone at the Parade. And how funny, I will be in the Linc tomorrow celebrating a championship...but I will be wearing red and cheering the Phillies.

Philadelphia, what an amazing city!

Don't Let Westbrook Suffer The Same Fate As Reid

They don't love the big guy, but they don't hate him either. Kinda like the Eagle fan base.

There was a recent poll done by the University of Penn. asking NFL players which active NFL head coach they would most like to play for. And out of the 32 coaches, Andy Reid finished just outside of the top ten, placing 12th.

Ahead of Reid were: Dungy, Smith, Belichick, Edwards, Tomlin, Phillips, Shanahan, Lewis, Fisher, Holmgren, and Billick (poll done during 2007 season).

To avoid a similar poor showing, it's still not too late to vote for Brian Westbrook as the FedEx Ground Player of the Week. Just click here. Maybe this is the first step to the Eagles duplicating the Phillies success!

Hell Has Frozen Over

The Eagles are opening their doors to celebrate the Phillies tomorrow. I am sure Lurie and Banner are thrilled that the team across the street beat them to the title.

- "Gold Standard" = Banner = Foot = Mouth
- "Pedal to the Metal" = Lurie = Foot = Mouth

Tomorrow's parade ending will be split between CBP and Lincoln Financial Field. [And I will be at the Linc!]

Clink on this link to view Coach Reid and the Eagle players congratulating the Phillies on their World Series Title.

Coincidence that Lurie and Banner are absent in the video???

The Best Video Clip EVER!!

Run Donovan Run

Prior to Sunday, did you know the last time that McNabb scored a rushing TD was way back on October 8, 2006. Two long seasons of nothing for a QB that was once considered one of the top running QBs ever.

Good to see those legs finally working for you again Donovan.

Will Donovan continue to run, probably not. Donovan has developed into a pass first or pass always QB (sometimes at the expense of an unnecessary sack). So we can get used to many more Sundays of standing in front of the TV screaming "Run Donovan, just run the god damn ball!"

But at least we know, the Eagles know, and the opposition knows that the QB run is an option again. And if you listen to Dawkins, this is quite a nice luxury for an offense to have...

"Being a defensive player, any time you have that capability [running] out of a quarterback, that's another headache."

Maybe Donovan's legs are the answer to the Eagles short yardage failures. He was 1 for 2 on Sunday. Or better yet, maybe the trio of Buck, B-West, and D-Mac is the answer to getting that 1 yard. Or maybe the answer is Kyle Eckel. In the end it doesn't really matter who or what the answer is, as long as there is an answer.

And just imagine how scary good this Eagles offense will be with an effective short yardage game. Run Donovan, Run!

Loving The Injury Factor

If the Eagles do not board the plane home Sunday with a 5-3 record...well there is NO excuse why they shouldn't! Don't go killing this town's sports buzz!

We already knew that Pro Bowl QB Matt Hasselbeck was out for Sunday's game. Ditto for Super Bowl nemesis Deion Branch. And this morning we find out the the Seahawks will also be without Pro Bowl Defensive End Patrick Kerney.

So the Seahawks are now without their top offensive and defensive stars for Sunday's game. And we all thought the muffed punt was a lucky break. The good news just keeps on coming for Philadelphia.

No excuses. November 9, 2008, the 5-3 Eagles will be battling the NY Giants!

So Who's Next?

Even the day after it is still hard to believe...FINALLY...Philadelphia...a Champion!! No longer is there a title drought, no more mentioning 100 seasons, no more wondering when it will be our time. The city, us, have a world champion. We have a parade to go to on Friday!

So now what does a Philly fan complain about?!? Since we have our champion do we give the city's other 3 major sports teams a free pass? Or does the taste of victory get you spoiled and you instantly want more?

The first time is always the hardest, right? No more curse, no more thinking that it just can't be done in Philadelphia. The Phillies have raised the performance bar in the city and the other teams must now follow. And is it really unrealistic to think that another championship isn't in store for the city and soon?

The Flyers are returning from a season where they made it all the way to the Eastern Conference Championship. The Sixers signed the league's top free agent after last season's playoff run. And the Eagles, well the parity of the NFL and a stud QB and RB gives them maybe the best chance in the city. We just gotta believe..."why can't us?"

Some come on Eagles, lets make this 1980-81 all over again. Follow the lead of the Phillies and make your run to a championship. Just make sure the overall ending is different than the 1981 and 2005 games because you are now playing in a city of champions.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Next Year Is Finally This Year

It finally happened. The city of Philadelphia has a champion!!

There are so many emotions going through me right now, making it very difficult to write this post. I honestly cannot freaking believe it, I am going to a Parade in Philadelphia on Friday (considered only an oxymoron before tonight!!).

There are going to be millions (literally) of stories from Philadelphians and Phillies fans on what this championship means to them and where they were when the final out was made. For me it is memories of the past, present, and future that make this evening and title so special to me.

I was 4 the last time the city celebrated a championship...I remember nothing! Season after season, team after team we waited as a city together. Honestly I always thought that the Eagles would be the team to end the title drought. They were close, but as always it was "just wait until next year."

I remember as a kid going to Phillies games with my dad and grandfather at Veterans Stadium. I remember the highlight of previous Phillies seasons being the Phanatic's birthday party at the Vet and being covered in confetti. I remember in middle school having the need for all my shirts to be Phillies shirts. I remember being at the NLCS clincher in 1993 with my dad and having free, celebratory klondike bars thrown at us by the Channel 11 superbox . I remember a few days later being at the '93 World Series with my dad, sitting in the highest row of the Vet. I remember taking my wife to her first fireworks night at CBP this year.

I will always remember tonight as the night I will no longer have to utter the phrase "just wait until next year" when describing a team from Philadelphia. I will remember muting Fox tonight, so I could listen to Harry Kalas call the final 3 outs. I will remember calling my dad after 2 outs in the 9th and having the Philly title drought ending with him on the phone. I will remember waking up tomorrow and buying the Daily News and Inquirer for the sole reason of framing them for the basement. I will remember Friday and getting to go to the parade with my dad.

So many memories...thank you Phillies. I still can't believe it!!!!

The Ultimate Philadelphia Gold Standard!!!



And You Are Worried About This?

Two words. The economy. It's a BIG problem facing the nation today. Unemployment is high, global markets are crashing, and are houses being foreclosed. Our government should be focused on a solution.

Well not Arlen Specter. His latest crusade is against televising some games only on NFL Network. Well at least he has finally moved on from Spygate!

And if the talk of the economy got you down, here's a line from Reid today that will crack a smile and make you say WTF?

"I understand that your brain is fairly important."

An Old Friend Is Back

We may not be seeing Matt Hasselbeck on Sunday, but our old buddy Lofa Tatupu will sure be there. Now we just have to hope that A.J. doesn't find his way into the game!

Let me refresh your memory...December 2, 2007...Lofa Tatupu intercepts Feeley twice in the 1st quarter, setting up two early TDs for Seattle. Still somehow the Eagles managed to overcome these initial Feeley blunders.

Down 28-24 we remember seeing Brian Westbrook catch the punt, break into the open...we all thought of another NY Giants game moment, Westbrook again saving the day! But Westbrook was pushed out of bounds at the Seattle 14. No big deal right...14 yards to go, the clock just under 2 minutes remaining. Eagles victory.

Whoops, we forget who was QBing that day. On third down Feeley dropped back and then Tatupu had his 3rd interception of the day.

Please let nothing happen to McNabb or Kolb this Sunday!

The Numbers Game

By Brian Jackson: It may be a little late, but the Eagles are FINALLY beginning to play up to the expectations that we all had for them prior to the season beginning. This week the Eagles face a Seattle team that statistically should be dominated by the Eagles. Let's look at the numbers…

Total Defense
PHI – 7th
SEA – 27th

Passing Defense
PHI – 12th
SEA – 30th

Rushing Defense
PHI – 9th
SEA – 22nd

Hey, stats don’t lie!

The difference in the Eagles’ three losses this season has been a measly 2 - 4 point deficit (and some people were complaining about the Eagles getting a gift call against the Falcons!).

So coming into the Seattle game, an opponent that statistically can't match the Eagles or overwhelm their defense, I feel this game should ultimately result in a dominating performance for the Eagles on both sides of the field.

Injuries are usually the x-factor. But with Hasselbeck slated to be out and the only key Eagle injuries being to LJ Smith (scary that we are labeling him key!), Reggie Brown (please stay hurt), and Sean Andrews (just place him on IR already), it looks the Eagles also have the X factor working for them this weekend!

And, good ol' Andy Reid and defensive coordinator Jim Johnson seem be on a roll lately with using what they have. Eagles in a romp!

A Bad Bounce?

So I have been hearing all week from some Eagle fans that the Eagles 4-3 record is a fraud. The Eagles win over the Falcons was the result of a blown call on a punt return. Without the help of the refs the Eagles are 3-4, stuck in the NFC East, and it is time to usher in the Kolb era.

Really, we are all so sure that Matt Ryan would have been able to move the ball 60 yards in a little over 2 minutes against the Eagles D for a touchdown? And your basing this solely on the fact that Brian Griese was successful in a similar situation last year. Excuse me for thinking that Sunday's situation would have been difficult, wasn't a "slam-dunk" for the Falcons.

First off, in review the call was a bad call. But in game speed the call could have gone either way. For once, Philadelphia and the Eagles got a call that favored them.

Secondly, why not look at the result as poor coaching by the Falcons. Mike Smith can only blame himself for not having any timeouts left with over 2 minutes left in the game (though in back to back games, it is nice to see coaches that are worse than Reid in game and clock management!).

Lastly, and most importantly, give the Eagles defense and JJ some credit. Matt Ryan wasn't exactly lighting up the Eagles prior to the punt. Ryan finished the game completing slightly over 50% of his passes and had also thrown 2 picks. The D also rendered the Falcons running game useless. So based on game's prior 57 minutes, you would have to give the edge to the Eagles D for the final 2+ minutes.

So enjoy the win. The 4-3 record is legit. If you are going to grip about anything from the game, focus your attention on the Eagles continued inability to convert on short yardage situations.

It's Monday - AGAIN

Was the suspension of Game #5 fair? Who really knows. Could some things have been handled differently, of course. Is Bud Selig an idiot, no argument here. Have we learned that the most important thing to MLB is not the fans, but instead the almighty dollar...sure have. But we can't go back and change anything, so screw it.

It is time to get that mentality that we all had on Monday morning back. Remember waking up and feeling supremely confident that Monday was the day the 25 year wait ends. How you already started making plans to attend a Wednesday parade. How Tampa Bay was done and there was NO way they were winning this series. No time to get down now.

3 innings is all that is left. The Phillies have one of, if not the best, bullpen in baseball. Yea it sucks that we lost Hamels, but there should be equal confidence in Madson, Romero, and Lidge.

Go into tonight thinking we get an early run and then the bullpen slams the door shut on the Tampa Bay offense. Go into tonight thinking that Lidge gives the city another McGraw-like moment.

There is no curse, just a lot of confidence in the city today. 9 outs to go!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Breaking News - NovaCare Complex

There was breaking news today from the NovaCare Complex. What you didn't hear? How you could miss the news? I think I have an idea.

Were you like everyone in Philadelphia last night, glued to the TV watching and praying for a World Series title? Were you like everyone in Philadelphia this morning, letting your opinion be known regarding the suspended game 5? Were you like everyone in Philadelphia this afternoon searching the Internet for the latest news on when game 5 would be resumed? Will you be like everyone in Philadelphia tomorrow night waiting to see if the suspended game comes back to screw our Phillies?

Count me as one of the above.

If something happened with the Eagles in the past 24 hours I would of missed it. But no worries, there is nothing exciting to report out of the NovaCare Complex (maybe another FB signing?!?). Just checking in to see if anyone still cared about our Eagles? I know, see you on Sunday at 4:00 pm EST.

Keep An Eye On This Injury

Andy Reid is a believer of wanting to play teams at full strength, he enjoys the ultimate challenge. Well as a fan, I want whatever scenario makes a W easier for the Eagles to achieve.

Admit it, when we all looked at the schedule during the preseason, we had the Seahawks game as a loss. The Seahawks were division champs and a road game in Seattle was not very favorable for the Eagles. Well how quickly things have changed. The Seahawks, well they come into Sunday's game carrying a 2-5 record.

The cause of the Seahawks fall can be directly tied to injuries. Earlier this season the Seahawks were scouring the trash heap (even signed Billy McMullen) for WRs and if that wasn't bad enough, Matt Hasselbeck then went down with a back injury.

The latest news out of Seattle is that Hasselbeck will again be sidelined this week. In his place career back-up QB Seneca Wallace will again get the start. Fine with me. I have zero desire for the Eagles to go up against a Pro Bowl QB. As with the Eagles and the Westbrook injury earlier this year, them the breaks.

So the trip to Seattle sounds a bit easier half way into the season. And it also sounds like top WR Deion Branch will also be out with a heel injury!

A W in Seattle will make up for the L to the Bears.

The Worst Off-Season

Thankfully there are rookies and Asante Samuel, otherwise what a miserable off-season the Eagles had. And the misery is directly centered on Mr. Lorenzo Booker and Mr. Chris Clemons.

I wouldn't blame you if you had forgotten that each player was still on the team. Their appearances on game day are few, their impact absolutely nothing. At least with Booker it ONLY cost a 4th round pick, not millions of guaranteed money.

I had gotten kind of excited during the 49ers game to actually see Clemons on the field (outside of special teams) and actually contribute to the final outcome (4th quarter fumble recovery). Silly me I thought he had finally turned the corner, actually understood the defense and was ready to be the DE that played in Oakland last year. WRONG! The return of a healthy Abiamiri meant the return of Clemons to the sideline against the Falcons.

And Booker, what can you say expect that Parcells really pulled one over on the Eagles. I never expected Booker to be a starter, instead more of a 3rd down back. I guess my expectations were a bit too high. Booker, to date, has shown he can't block, can't catch, and falls down at the slightest bit of contact. Not the qualities you want in a RB. Thanfully Buckhalter's knees are holding up!

And don't even get me started again on the FB signings!

What a Joke

Hmm, I don't have Doppler radar, but a quick flip to the weather channel and I saw that rain and miserable conditions were in store for Game 5 last night. But since TV is god and MLB is a slave to the money, well of course the game was started.

And of course, just as everyone but the ones in charge of running MLB expected, the rain came. And then the rain got worse. And then of course MLB had to wait for the Rays to tie the game. MLB (Bud Selig) now had a safe out, game tied, so let's suspend play.

What a crock of sh*t. What an embarrassment to the game of baseball, the World Series, to the Rays and Phillies, and most importantly the fans attending the game. My thoughts were summed up perfectly by the below quote from a Phillies pitcher:

That (expletive deleted) guy,” one pitcher said as he saw commissioner Bud Selig before walking out the back door of the clubhouse. “I wouldn’t let him supervise one of my (bowel movements). He has no clue. Not one (expletive deleted) clue.”

The easy response is to say, we have waited 25 years, what is one more day. Good luck trying to pass off that excuse to any fan sitting down at the park last night or the Phillies who no longer have their ace as a pitching option.

No one ever said that breaking this title drought was going to be easy. I just didn't think that the Phillies toughest opponent would be battling the common sense of one idiotic commissioner.

So now we wait.

Reid - Pretty Amazing

It is probably the way the big guy likes it best...overshadowed, in the background. In case you missed it, Andy Reid notched his 100th coaching victory (including playoffs) with the Eagles on Sunday. Very, VERY impressive for a coach just beginning his 10th season. A nice average of over 10 wins a season.

And what is most astonishing about the 100th victory was that Sunday also marked the team's 500th overall victory. So some quick math shows that Reid has been responsible for 1/5 of the teams victories. Pretty damn remarkable that one coach could mean so much to a franchise. A franchise that has been around since 1933.

On the flip side one could say that the coaches prior to Reid just really sucked. Well, that should only make us appreciate the big guy even more.

I am fully aware that Reid is not perfect. I would argue that he should stick to coaching and relinguish GM duties. It may also be easy to question and second guess at times Reid's play calling, time and game management skills, personal decisions, and his smugness during press conferences. But in the end, Reid is hands-down the best of the Eagles coaching bunch.

Is Reid still the coach to lead the Eagles to the Lombardi...I honestly don't know. Maybe he has gotten all he can out of the franchise and a change at the helm is needed for the next step. But before we go writing that pink slip (which Lurie will never do!) you better be bringing in a coach with a resume better than Reid. It could be a long search to find such a guy.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Party Crasher

I was wondering who would be the celebrity of the night running through the Phillies line-up card and to my surprise there was #5, our beloved QB.

This is a night of celebration, so we can hold off on the obvious wise cracks (what he realized his best chance for a championship was to join the Phillies bandwagon?!?). I would be fearful of an Eagles curse on the Phillies, but well the Phillies just put up 2 in the first and Hamels is mowing them down!

But we can't end this post without questioning the shades? Is McNabb missing an eye from the eye poke yesterday? They can't be stlye glasses as D-Mac looked like a cornball!

Oh yea, did anyone else notice that after the eye poke how accurate Donovan suddenly became? The passes that were sailing high in the 1st quarter were now hitting the WRs in stride and even hitting L.J. with passes that he could catch!

The Sports Illustrated Team

I am 28 years old, have been a SI subscriber for a good twenty years. I can't wait to cancel my subscription this week.

For 20+ years we have been forced to watch commercials promoting Championship Team packages. "Sign-up now for Sports Illustrated and you will receive Team X's yearbook and DVD, and as a bonus if you pay by credit card you will also receive a hat and championship baseball / football." Season after season, year after year that team wasn't ours...maddening to say the least!

Well Philadelphia the time has come when that commemorative package is going to be for a team from's about freaking time!

27 outs to go!!

Getting All Political With The Phillies

As if political bashing wasn't stupid enough, now the Phillies get dragged into the garbage.

But hey at the least the Phils are in the national spotlight, regardless of what the TV ratings show!

I Wanna Be The Eagles Coach!

I wanna be coach of the Philadelphia Eagles when I grow up! During his Monday PC, Reid said a few things of interest regarding our Phillies:

- "You know what, they're going to win."

- "I'm going to be pulling hard for the Phillies and Charlie. I happened to be at that game [game 3] and that place was electric over there. I'll have the red on today."

Reid also noted that when the parade rolls around all he has to do is open the curtains of his Broad St. office for a view of the party.

What a life, tickets to game #3 of the World Series, a front-row view of the parade, and getting a muffed punt that was never muffed. If we all could be so lucky in life!

It's also good to see the Eagles showing some love for the Phillies. If anyone knows how difficult it is to win in this city it's Andy. Or maybe Andy is just hoping that a World Series title will satisfy the city and will keep the fans and media off his back for the rest of the season.

Forward Is the Way DeSean

It's a minor point seeing that Jackson had another strong game as a WR (3 catches, 72 yards), but the NFL is not the Pac-10. You gotta run forward on punt returns. Running straight ahead isn't always the prettiest, but most often the smartest!

Bad news for Phillies, Phillies Fans and Philadelphia...

While we are all rooting and hoping and excited about a Phillies World Series win….the first in 28 years….there may be a serious problem ahead.

The last time the Phillies won the World Series, in 1980, was the start of the last great world wide recession. Oh no! So, if the Phillies win tonight, in the future not only will Philadelphia be forever remembered for throwing snowballs at Santa, it will also be remembered for starting, or at least contributing to, the world wide financial meltdown!

Philadelphia just can’t catch a break! Oh well, Let's Go Phillies!

Seeing Red At The Linc

Even the Eagles franchise helped ignite a Phillies cheer at the Eagles game yesterday (OK, so the Go Phillies! on the stadium TV was at the end of a reminder for fans to leave the parking lots immediately following the Eagles game, but still, for Eagles management a big step!).

What a scence down at the Linc yesterday. I was at the Eagles game (unfortunately I didn't have an extra few grand to pull off the double and go to the Phillies game too) and the Phillies pride was everywhere on a football Sunday.

Driving down to the stadium you had Phillies and Eagles flags flying from the car windows. In the stadium parking lots fans were still dissecting game 3 of the World Series over tailgating beers and burgers. Once you made your way into the stadium, you saw Eagles jerseys, but instead of a matching Eagles cap, well the hats were Phillies red.

During the game there were Phillies signs and Phillies chants. Once the Eagles began to put the game out of reach, all of the fan talk immediately moved to game #4 of the World Series (not the Seahawks). No one was talking about the Cowboys, the 'Skins, or the G-Men, it was all Rays.

As a die hard Eagles fan in a city that the Eagles have owned it was an interesting change to see the Eagles finally taking in back seat in the city, in their stadium. But the Phillies have earned our attention. They are 1 (I still can't believe it!) WIN away from the city's first title in 25 years. The pressure is now on the Eagles to follow the model and bring us another championship!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

M.I.A. No More

Were you as shocked as I was? It was kinda like the fade pattern to Baskett, you knew it was in the playbook, you just had to see it with your own 2 eyes! The QB scramble (draw)...and guess worked. OK, it worked one out of two times, but still one of the 2 was six points!

I guess we can now assume that McNabb is back to 100 percent health. Prior excuses for not using the QB sneak at the goal line centered on the health of McNabb and not wanting to further injure his chest. Well the chest is fine and the Eagles have a new (or the rediscovery of) wrinkle to their offense...the McNabb run (6 carries, 25 yards yesterday).

As we saw the QB sneak was not the cure all for the Eagles goal line struggles, but it was a step in the right direction. With a line as big as the Eagles it is still difficult to understand how they can't generate the push to go one yard. Maybe the Big Kid is the missing piece. Either way a healthy McNabb and Westbrook should allow the Eagles to rectify the situation sooner than later.

And speaking of a difference having our playmaker back does for the offense. 200+ yards from scrimmage, again showing the fans and the league why he is the top all around back in the NFL. He can't be stopped. Oh yea, 2 TDs as well on the afternoon! I know you can't replay games, but come on, a healthy B-West would have made the difference in the Bears game.

So after 7 games, the Eagles are right back in the thick of the playoff picture (we can talk NFC East title after the Nov. 9 Giants game). Sucks that the 3 other NFC East teams won yesterday, but for a nice change the Eagles kept pace. 9 games to go!

Or more importantly one Phillies W to go!

Emotional Reid

I absolutely loved it! You are probably in Phillies' mode as I type up this post, but flash back a few hours to the Eagles game. Trent Cole has a clear path to Matt Ryan. A crushing hit, the stadium goes nuts, and then a yellow flag.

You must be kidding me. The hit was clean. The hit was a follow through of Cole's motion to the QB. It was time for a Falcons punt, but instead the idiotic refs (Reid might not be able to criticize the refs, but I can!) are marching off 15 yards for the Falcons. Of course the fans were pissed and they let their displeasure be heard very LOUDLY.

But guess who else was pissed? Andrew Walter Reid. Well duh, of course he was, right? Well usually when things go wrong Reid stands on the sideline emotionless, same vanilla face. But not this time!

The big guy actually showed some fire. He was out on the field yelling at the refs. The refs screwed up and no way was Reid letting this go. After returning to the sideline, Reid was still royally pissed, signaling for the refs to come over to the sidelines to continue his rant, repeatedly slamming his play card in disgust!

Reid wasn't going to get the call overturned. But it was nice for once for him to show some passion. Show the fans that Philly is tired of being screwed over by the refs and umps.

On the day Reid earned his 100th victory (and the team's 500th victory) we got to see a whole new side of Reid. Well until press conference time rolled around and the tight lipped Andy returned.

But for those few minutes we all forget the big guy's faults and saw the coach as one of us. Very impressed Andy.

Lito The Starter?

The many faces of one Lito Sheppard.

Funny thing, I was at the Linc, standing, screaming my voice hoarse as the Eagles starting defense was being announced. The PA announcer was saying "at CB from South Carolina, #24, Sheldon Brown," and wouldn't you know it, both Brown and Sheppard come running out of the tunnel. I guess we are back to the preseason opener and listing 2 starting right CBs on the depth chart.

Or maybe the introduction was our sign of good things to come from Lito. Not to go overboard on the kudos to Sheppard, but his 2nd half interception prevented a huge momentum swing and the Falcons from pulling within 3. But at the same time, one can't overlook that without his pass interference penalty, Sheppard's back of the end zone pick would not have been needed. But, good to see Sheppard back to making some big plays all throughout the 2nd half.

And I guess because Westbrook was long gone or more likely no one else wanted to talk to Howard Eskin after the game, Sheppard was named the player of the game. Hopefully the play, the recognition, and the passing of the trade deadline gets Lito's full attention back on the field.

So all is good with Lito, right? Well during his sideline interview with Howard, Lito of course rambles on about he is still not getting enough time on the field. Way to be the team player Lito!

Oh well, big win today to keep our perfect weekend going. A Flyers W, a Penn State W, a game 3 Phillies W, an Eagles W, and a game 4 Phillies _???

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Shouldn't Be a TE Problem

We are all aware of the Eagles inability to effectively cover the opposing TE. With that problem I was curious as to what time of numbers the Falcons TEs were putting up this season. It is safe to say that I was pleasantly surprised.

- Ben Hartsock: 2, 24, 0 TDs
- Justin Peelle: 4, 35, 1 TD

Could it be for the first time all season the Eagles will not have to worry about being humiliated by the opposing TE? Well if stats paint a true picture, the ankles of Dawkins and Gocong should enjoy no further breaks this Sunday.

But you really can't blame the Atlanta TEs for their lack of production. A quick look at the same stats show strong numbers for the receiving trio of White, Jenkins, and Douglas. But more good news, the Eagles have 3 studs at CB ready for the assignment. How about about an interception or two off of the rookie QB tomorrow?

On the other side of the ball I would expect the Eagles offense to have little problem with moving the ball against one of the league's worst defenses. With a healthy offense hopefully all that marching doesn't continue to stall inside the twenty. Just please keep Abraham away from D-Mac!

So we are left with a victory hanging on the ability of the Eagles D to stop Michael Turner and the Falcons running game. I say the bye week provided the front 7 with some must needed rest and they return to their run stopping dominance of games 1-4.

Eagles 24 Falcons 14

Visions of Fred and Calvin

Tomorrow is the game that we finally get to see our true top 2 WRs on the field together. Curtis and Jackson. I expect that it might take Curtis a game or two to find his groove again in the offense, but the site of #80 just back on the field is enough to get this fan excited.

When was the last time that the Eagles actually had 2 above average (hey, I still have to be realistic in my evaluation) WRs starting together? I would say you would have to go back to the days of Fred Barnett and Calvin Williams. Kinda sad that we have to go back to the early 90s to find such a pair (makes you appreciate McNabb even more doesn't it?).

Look at the stats from 1992:
- Williams: 42, 598, 7 TDs
- Barnett: 67, 1083, 6 TDs

Then the stats from 1994 (Barnett was injured in 1993):
- Williams: 58, 813, 3 TDs
- Barnett: 78, 1127, 5 TDs

Again, not overly spectacular, but together, numbers that you would appreciate and gladly take from your starting WRs. And when compared to the other receiving duos that wore the green, well may be the numbers are actually quite spectacular.

And is it unrealistic to think that Curtis and Jackson can't have a similar impact together? I think not. Throw in an all-world RB who again is healthy and a top-5 QB, and well our offense should be able to score on anyone.

Now if only we had a Tony Gonzalez type TE to finish the puzzle. Oh well, I guess a 2nd round pick would of been too valuable to give up. Better to use those kind of picks on players like Winston Justice.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sunday Belongs To The Eagles

Excuse me for interrupting this Phillies party, but TIME-OUT (what, I learned my time-out management from watching Reid)! Let's not forget about the other team in town.

Remember that team in green? Well, they are back at the Linc this Sunday. The 49ers game may seem like months ago, but it's only been one bye week. How quickly we have dissed our first love.

Baseball on a Sunday, come on, fall Sundays belong to football. And not just any football, we are talking E-A-G-L-E-S football.

The fans showing up at the parking lots at 5am on Sunday aren't there sporting red. The are there wearing a jersey with numbers on the front AND back. Numbers of a Pro Bowl QB, an All-Pro RB, a stud rookie WR. Hell, some are even still rocking the jersey of our favorite draft bust Mike Mamula or a masking taped #81 jersey.

We aren't screaming our heads off for a team running out of a dugout. We are losing our minds as Dawkins does the worm out of an over sized, inflated helmet. We aren't booing the opposing pitcher or batter. That isn't Philly style. Calling each player on the opposing team an A-hole, now that's Philadelphia.

We aren't cheering just because it's the title round. We Eagles fans our losing our minds because it is game #7 of the season. Every game counts, every play counts. Rally towels, not at the Linc. Eagle fans aren't even allowed the caps to a water bottle for fear of an Eli or Romo losing an eye.

Intimidation is throwing a ball at the batters head? Please, on each and every play at the Linc players are hoping for an appearance on Jacked-Up!

So enjoy the Phillies tonight. Tomorrow belongs to the Eagles. Well, since it is a 1pm game and we will need something to do at night, I guess we can also squeeze in a Sunday night baseball game.

Numbers Don't Lie, Season Starts Now

Like I always say to my dad during a Philllies or Eagles game, "it's still early." This line of thinking makes be a believer (though I may be in the minority) that it is still too early to panic on the Eagles 2008 season. Come on, don't be that fan that J-Roll labeled us as.

It is only 6 games. Wouldn't you rather be hot at the end of the season, then at the start? Off hand, how many people can recall the Eagles record last year after 6 weeks (2-4). And with a 3-3 start this season the Eagles have not yet closed the door on a playoff berth or NFC East title opportunities. Again, it's how your team is playing in November and December that propels you on a playoff run (see NY Giants last year).

I am not down-playing the importance of Sunday's game against the Falcons. A head-to-head match-up in the conference is vital when determining who gets into the playoffs or playoff seeding (I hope that Bears loss doesn't come back to haunt the Eagles!). So you could easily say this is another must win game for the Eagles.

Do we have the right players to make a 2nd half run? Well with everyone (minus Andrews) back this weekend, we should learn a lot about the offensive personnel. The defense, well it just needs to find some consistency from game to game, quarter to quarter. And as pointed out yesterday, Reid is the MAN following a bye. The Eagles are 9-0 in the game following a bye and 57-25 overall after the bye week.

So hang on just a little bit longer. The season is still young. But if the Eagles somehow manage to put up an L against the Falcons, well the season just got old really quick!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Taking McNabb For Granted?

You say this isn't the time to talk about the Eagles. All eyes should be on the Phillies. Philadelphia may never see a team like the Phillies ever again. If I were to go against that opinion, it would be a hard argument for me to win.

But just think, Philadelphia may never see a QB like Donovan McNabb in this town again. With each passing game, McNabb grabs hold of another franchise passing record. His won / loss record is even better. So yea, the Phillies might be the hot item of the month, but don't go shutting the door on the Eagles or #5.

Sure the Eagles could be better than their 3-3 record. Just listen to any Eagle player, and they will tell you such. But as the old adage goes, you are only as good as you record says you are. And if you are pissed with a .500 record, just imagine what that record would be without McNabb under center for each game this year.

For some reason, our attention is focused on the FB position, the up and down antics of a rookie WR, and the never-ending debacles of our TE. What we should be focusing on is the play of the QB. A QB who was performing most weeks without his top playmaker / RB, his top WR from last season, and his top offensive lineman. McNabb's biggest offensive weapon is a 2nd round draft pick most weeks.

Despite his lack of weekly weapons McNabb has still managed to throw for 1576 yards, 8 TDs, and post a QB rating of 93.2. How many teams would kill for these numbers. Probably close to 30 teams.

McNabb's off-the-field performance has also stepped up this season. McNabb has taken steps (calling a player only meeting, acting as a mentor to DeSean) to become a more visible leader in the locker room. McNabb understands that his legacy, his team will take a major hit if the Eagles fail to live up to the "Super" expectations again this year.

Even with the gaudy numbers, McNabb does not escape all blame for some of the head scratchers that have occurred on the field this year. But in the case of McNabb, the good most definitely out weigh the bad. And I bet if you dig deep enough you could probably pin point the majority of the miscues of the man calling the plays or picking the personnel.

Again, nothing wrong with putting the Eagles on the back burner for a while as we enjoy this magical Phillies ride. Just don't go forgetting about the team and QB across the street. There are still 10 weeks of football left to play this season.

Phillies Quote of the Day

Go ahead do the math. It's so simple. My buddy just pointed out the obvious...

"If the Phillies simply play .500 baseball from this point on, well they are your 2008 World Series Champs!"

Who knew that being average could get you so far. Oh yea, Eagles, this in no way excuses your current .500 record!

There Are Bigger Problems

Is it me or is there a bit too much attention being paid to the FB position on the Eagles? No argument that the position needed to be upgraded. But the Eagles and some media outlets have become obsessed with the FB position.

The only moves that the Eagles seem to think they need to make revolve around the FB position. Here's an idea, how about you put some of that effort to scouting other positions and then maybe we can break through the mediocrity surrounding this 2008 season.

Klecko or Eckel, come on, is there really a difference. And now that we finally have a true FB on the roster (Eckel), the DT is still the starter. I understand the new guy may need time to learn the offense, but at this point isn't he better than Klecko? I love Klecko, I wish there were more guys with his motor and work ethic, but they guy isn't a fullback. Wasn't Klecko the lead blocker on all those goal line did that work out for the Eagles?

So enough with the FB position. We signed a FB, now play him. He can't be any worse than the other garbage that has been thrown out there to date.

And on a related note, is Tony Hunt really that bad that no other teams have interest in him? Not even as a back-up RB? He's gotta be better than the washed-up Shaun Alexander.

And we can't ignore this quote by Reid on L.J. Smith: "I look at it like I've got an all-pro tight end in L.J. Smith. I've felt that way for a long time. I see things differently than maybe you guys see it." And he is an All-Pro why, because of his receiving numbers, his "give-up on a play" attitude, or his inability to block?!?

After Much Needed Bye Week, Eagles Set to Take on Surprising Falcons

By Dan Parzych: Every football fan is guilty of doing it at least one time in their life. Every season, fans will browse their favorite teams schedule at the beginning of the season and choose the "easy win" games. What do I mean by this?

Well, when the Eagles season started back in September, I browsed over the schedule to see what teams the Eagles played that I shouldn't have to worry about.

This may sound conceded, but every fan does it. After last season, I'm sure every fan checked their teams schedule to see when they would play the Dolphins (no offense).

So what teams did I choose on the Eagles schedule at the beginning of the season as "easy win" games? Rams, 49ers, Falcons, and Bengals.

So far, I have been two for two on the season. When you look at these team's rosters on paper and compare them to the Eagles, the Birds are clearly the better team.

Even though the Rams are starting to play good football under new coach Jim Haslett, they were a joke in week 1. The Eagles offense was superb from the start and the Rams never stood a chance.

I will admit, the 49ers game made me nervous. No Kevin Curtis. No Reggie Brown. No Brian Westbrook. Not to mention the Eagles were in a "must win" situation in my mind since they were 2-3 and sitting in last place in the NFC East.

The 49ers gave the Eagles a run for their money. If you would have told me that J.T. O'Sullivan would lead the 49ers to a victory over the Eagles at the beginning of the season, I most likely would have laughed and tell you to get out of my face.

This is why I love football! Anything can happen on any given Sunday! The 49ers started the 4th quarter with a 26-17 lead over the Eagles. They looked like they were in control of the game. Thank goodness the Birds were able to score 23 points in the 4th quarter and win 40-26

Rams, 49ers, Falcons, and Bengals. That was my list of "easy win" games for the Birds. As we approach week 8 of the 2008 season, I would like to remove the Atlanta Falcons from that list.

When I saw the Eagles hosted the Falcons on October 24, I was excited. Rookie coach. Rookie quarterback. DeAngelo Hall gone. The Falcons will have two wins at most coming into this week.

I was wrong. I was way wrong.

The Falcons have been one of the biggest surprises of the NFL this season. Matt Ryan was a stud at Boston College. I saw him as most rookie quarterbacks their first year in the league. I assumed that he would struggle this year and get better with the more games he played.

I remember sitting at Buffalo Wild Wings in Dayton the first week of the season watching the Eagles-Rams game. Since the owner is a Lions fan, the game was on against the Falcons. The first play of Matt Ryan's career in the NFL: a 62-yard bomb to Michael Jenkins for a touchdown. The jaws of the fifty people inside the sports bar just dropped. How often does a player throw a touchdown on his first ever pass in the NFL?

Matt Ryan has led the Falcons to a surprising 4-2 record coming into week 8. He has done an amazing job turning around a franchise that has struggled ever since Michael Vick was sent to jail. When the draft took place last April, the Falcons knew they had to find a new franchise quarterback.

The gamble on Matt Ryan has paid off so far. His numbers may not be Peyton Manning or Tom Brady like, but he is doing one heck of a job for a rookie quarterback. With the way him and Michael Turner are playing (any regrets San Diego?), the Falcons are proving they are contenders in the NFC South.

So what should the Birds expect this weekend?

Well, there is one statistic that favors the Birds. They are 9-0 under Andy Reid after a bye week. Not to mention the Falcons haven't won in Philadelphia since 1988.

The bye week has allowed a lot of players to get some much needed rest. Westbrook, Curtis, and Brown have all dealt with injuries throughout the season and they hopefully will all play on Sunday.

If anybody knows Jim Johnson, you know he is going to bring the blitz against the Falcons. A rookie quarterback against a Phildelphia squad that ranks second in the NFL in sacks...that's a statistic I like.

The Falcons have given up at least 20 points in five of their six games this season. The Eagles offense has been known to be dangerous at times. We have seen McNabb put up solid numbers despite the fact that he has been without Curtis all season and Brown has played in just two games. Don't forget Westbrook has missed two games too.

If McNabb can post 1,576 yards passing and 8 touchdowns with all of the injuries the Eagles offense has suffered, just wait and see what he can do when everybody healthy.

Expect a 300+ yards passing day for McNabb with a couple of touchdowns. The Falcons may be playing great football this season, but I don't think this game is going to be close at all.

The Eagles will win 38-13.

Is This Thing Contagious?

Winning, can the blueprint be shared with the city's other 3 teams?

A Philadelphia fan can really get used to winning night in and night out, get used to making long runs through the playoffs, get used to having the nation's eyes focused on us during a championship series or game.

The Phillies are going to spoil the Philly sports fans. Yea, it's still early, World Series titles are won after 4 Ws not 1. Even on a night where there was more wrong than right, the Phillies ended victoriously. I feel bad for the Rays if Howard and Rollins ever figure out what do do with a bat. Spoiled, the Philly fan...really? Even harder to believe is the Philly fan being a champion...could it be? The dream is inching closer and closer to becoming a reality.

So IF the Phillies are able to close the deal, how will the Sixers, Flyers, and Eagles react? For this post, more specifically, how will the Eagles react?

In my 20+ years as an Eagles fan the Eagles have owned the city of Philadelphia. It has always been the Eagles perched high, live and die with the Green. The Eagles were always thought to give the city their best chance to end the title drought nightmare.

Recent history had the Eagles the closet to making title dreams a reality. Four trips to the NFC Championship game and one trip to the Super Bowl. In the end the four seasons would end in disappointment. But what did the Eagles have to worry about, they were the city's main attraction, the fans would be back and be patient as they tried to figure out the final pieces of the championship puzzle.

Well that patience is going to run awfully thin if the Phillies become champs. Hell, a quick pulse check of the Eagles fan base this season shows that fans are already jumping ship. Moves (or lack of moves) by the Front Office are heavily criticized and game time decisions of the coaching staff are being ridiculed. The luxury of being the #1 show in town will no longer be there to help ease these attacks or the fall from being an NFL powerhouse.

The Phillies have raised the performance bar in the city. Forget just making the playoffs. That is as pointless as preseason talk of "pedal to the metal." The city will see the Phillies success and want a return to the dominance of the late 1970s / early 1980s where each of the city's 4 major sports teams, each season, were battling for the title.

Again, the Phillies still have 3 victories to go. But if and when that 4th victory is clinched, do you think we can get the parade to make a detour past the Nova Care Complex?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

McNabb Not The Favorite QB

Maybe I am reading too much into the quote, maybe I am paying to much attention to someone who doesn't deserve our attention, or maybe I am just dying for Eagles news in the all this Phillies hoopla.

Terrell Owens, was responding to the the Romo injury situation and made the following comments regarding Romo and the Cowboys:

- Romo is "the best quarterback I've played with. Once Tony gets back, we'll be back."

So is this yet another cheap shot at McNabb? Will T.O. take each and every opportunity to throw a zinger at #5? It wouldn't surprise me if the answer to each of these questions is yes, seeing that everything seems to be scripted with Owens.

Also, does the quote also mean that until Romo comes back, the Cowboys are screwed? Is Owens conceding the next 2 games that Romo will miss? I hope so. The 4-5 Dallas Cowboys, way to spend the money Jerry!

The Positive of the Andrews Surgery

Too often the Philadelphia media is overly negative when covering the local teams, especially the Eagles coverage. So I am gonna go all "bizarro world" on you and highlight the positive of today's announcement that Shawn Andrews is most likely lost for the season following back surgery.

I can't argue that overcoming the Andrews injury will be easy for the team. Andrews is an All-Pro Guard, the best OL on the Eagles roster. Hell, a healthy Andrews might have been the difference at the goaline against the Bears.

But back to the positive theme, with the announcement that Andrews had surgery also came the announcement that Kevin Curtis and DeSean Jackson would be the starting WRs this weekend against the Falcons. No "Reggie the Clown" in the starting line-up, stealing plays and catches from DeSean.

What did you expect my positive spin to be, the Eckel signing? Come on, even my "bleed green" has it's limits!

Time To Move Out of the Basement

It is hard not to smile when reading about the continued problems of the Dallas Cowboys. My attention should probably be focused on the Giants or the 'Skins, but my hatred for the Cowboys flows with the green in these veins.

So the news out of Dallas today is that Tony Romo will be out for the Tampa Bay game (Safety Roy Williams has also been placed on IR). There will be no game time decision this week, no hope of Romo leading a 2nd half comeback. It will be Brad Johnson again leading the offense. As an Eagles fan, we can only hope that there is a repeat of his Rams game performance. But even if Johnson does miraculously discover the "fountain of youth", we can always can't on the Dallas D to blow the game open for the Bucs.

So can the Cowboys beat the 5-2 Buccaneers? If this parity filled NFL has shown us anything, the answer is of course yes. But a 4th loss for the Cowboys does look quite promising.

Of course the Eagles will still have to take care of their own business against the the Falcons. We know games aren't played on paper, but if they were the Eagles' offense against the Falcons' defense should be a mismatch in the Eagles' favor. JJ also has to be salivating at the chance to go up against a rookie QB.

I can already see the standings come Sunday night. Sitting at the bottom of the NFC East are the 4-4 Cowboys. Creeping ever closer to the top are the 4-3 Eagles. But if the Phillies sweep the Rays, who cares about the Eagles come Sunday night, right?

Andrews Likely Gone For The Season

No Bishop, No Joe

I am still young enough that all of my greatest Philadelphia sports memories end with some form of disappointment. (Even Smarty Jones teased us until the final straightaway). Sure there were some "I'll never forget where I was when" moments, but in the end I was always left saying, "just wait until next year!"

So excuse me if when I hear the name Tampa Bay my mind automatically drifts to the 2002 NFC Championship Game. I was there. Last game at the Vet. The Eagles were the heavy favorite. The Bucs were supposedly unable to win cold weather games. A trip to San Diego for Super Bowl XXXVII was all but a lock for the Eagles.

I remember sitting there with my dad. I remember Brian Mitchell taking the opening kickoff 70 yards to the Tampa 26-yard line. Before we could stop cheering, Duce Staley was running it in from 20 yards for the game's first touchdown. Unfortunately there would be no more touchdowns for our Eagles.

Instead we were left with the memory of Blaine Bishop getting beat on a sideline route by Joe Jurevicius and the Eagle defenders chasing Jurevicius on his way to a 69 yard touchdown. And we can't forget the memory of Ronde Barber breaking in front of a McNabb pass intended for Antonio Freeman and returning the pick 92 yards for a TD.

We are now only hours away from the first pitch of the 2008 World Series. Again the foe is Tampa Bay. Philadelphia waits in anticipation to see if this is the year, if this is the team to finally end our title drought. Will memories of Bishop and Barber be replaced with actual Philadelphia heroes? I honestly think that this is our season and that this is our team.

Phillies in 5.

McNabb Bleeding Phillies Red?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Klecko Is Pissed (Right?)

Klecko is a FB. Klecko is a DT. Klecko is a FB. But is Klecko still a FB? Not really sure anymore after the Eagles announced today the signing of free agent FB Kyle Eckel. Never heard of Eckel, you aren't alone (played 12 games for the Patriots in 2007).

So going into Week 8 of the 2008 season have the Eagles finally resolved the FB question? We shall see, but at least this guy actually has a FB background. If nothing else this shows that the Eagles are headed in the right direction.

I am sure that there are a bunch of people bitching about how this is yet another example of the Eagles going cheap, scouring the trash heap for a bargain. But not so quick guys. Weren't we saying the same things about the late season acquisitions of the Phillies and we all saw how that turned out.

And maybe there is such thing a karma. To sign Eckel the Eagles waived J.R. Reed. J.R. was last seen showing his love for the Tampa Bay Rays by sporting his Upton jersey. Bad things happen when you go rooting against our Phillies!

The Annoying Cowbell Tradition

A quick timeout from the Eagles. Only right, seeing that the Phillies are playing in the World Series (Can't forget, 28 years ago today the Phillies won their first / only Title) . So I was watching the Rays - Sox game on Sunday night and I couldn't stop thinking about how annoying the Rays fans and their freaking cowbells are.

Kinda sad that the home team needs a prop to fill their stadium with noise. In Philly, well we just scream out heads know, like real fans.

I did a quick search and found out that the Rays cowbells were born from a Saturday Night Live skit with Will Ferrell.

Joe Banner Said What?!?

I knew that Joe Banner was doing an interview yesterday for the Eagles website. I thought it would be nothing more than the same old "pedal to the metal" crap that he and the owner always throw out there.

Well, shocker, I was wrong on that one. Sounds like Banner has some locked-up hatred for the Cowboys. Some quotes from Joe yesterday...
- On the Roy Williams Trade: "I mean, they paid a lot. Time will tell. I wouldn't pay that much for a player like that."

- On the Cowboys and the postseason: "Our [Eagles] goal is to win a Super Bowl, forget win a playoff game, which is something they [Cowboys] are still working on."

Who says you can't kick a man [team] when they are down! Now let's just hope that the Eagles aren't the team sitting home when the playoffs roll around or that Roy Williams doesn't light up the Eagles when the two teams meet-up in December.

An Impressive 3-3 Record

Maybe I am a glass half full guy this morning. But can you really be too down on the Eagles for only managing a 3-3 record? True there were some obvious opportunities for them to be maybe 5-1 or 4-2, but with the injuries that they have suffered, 3-3 is pretty damn respectable.

Put your hate for Reid aside. Put your displeasure for the Front Office on the back burner. And think, how many other teams could manage to be competitive week in and week out WITHOUT their top RB, their top WR, and their top OL? Come on, think about it. Not many teams.

How would the Redskins be without Moss and Portis? Same goes for the Cowboys and Giants without T.O. and Barber or Burress and Jacobs? A .500 record would be a struggle for these teams.

And we aren't just talking about a team's top RB with Westbrook. Without B-West and his 2,104 yards from scrimmage last season, the Eagles are missing one of the league's top offensive talents, a top 3 RB in the entire NFL. Same goes for Shawn Andrews, who is an All-Pro guard. And you can't slight Curtis either. 1110 receiving yards isn't too shabby.

Sure there have been some goofs through the first 6 games, but let's give the Eagles a break. They aren't exactly playing with their full compliment of stars. This Sunday everyone should be healthy. No more excuses after Sunday.