Sunday, October 5, 2008


Accountability...word of the day. Someone has to be held accountable for this garbage. Reid is always quick to say he needs to do this, do that...well fat man, this crap is all you.

Sadly my fellow Eagle fans, it really doesn't matter. We can blame Reid all we want. We can continue to bitch about his atrocious clock management, his all to predictable play calling, his inability to make in-game adjustments, and on and on...

The jolly fat guy isn't going anywhere. Honestly, do you really see " Pedal to the Metal" Lurie stepping up and putting Andy on notice? Could you see Lurie firing Andy anytime soon? No and no...unfortunately.

To be fair, with the bashing we must also acknowledge all the good Reid has done for the Eagles. He is arguably the best coach in franchise history. But it is time to move on from his smugness, his cockiness. Time for a change. (At least fire Segrest...NOW!)

The league has caught up to Reid. In 2005 the Eagles missed the playoffs. If it weren't for miraculous back-up QB play, 2006 would have been a wash. 2007 was another year missing the playoffs. 2008, to date, looks all too familiar to 2007. Since the 2004 Super Bowl, Reid has guided the Eagles to a record that is one game BELOW .500. Not really gold standard, huh?

But why waste my time writing and your time reading. Reid will never be held accountable for this mess. It's a shame we all can't be so lucky in our the real world when you fuck up, well, you are held accountable. And if you continue to fuck up and you keep saying "I gotta do a better job," well your boss laughs at you and then fires you. If only this was the case down at the Nova Care Complex.


colonel said...

I can't wait for Andy's press conference tomorrow. I think I'll listen to it on the radio with the volume off! (That makes about as much sense as anything he will say!!)

Anonymous said...

It is going to be the same fluff as we heard today.
As Lombardi pointed out = team's emotionally relefects its coach and offense is limited to QB's emotional leadership. Didn't TO charge McNabb emotionally? Wasn't it Garcia who brough emotional explosion to the team in 2006?
Look at the player's press conferences - no sense of urgency emotionally flat and keeping Reid's "self blame" fluff. Reid turned team into his own emotional projection.