Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another NY Idiot, Another Met Idiot

So much for enjoying a nice Sunday cup of coffee. If you have a moment, check out this column by NY Daily News Writer Bill Price: Philly, ya gotta be kidding me. Don't have the time, well let me give you the highlights...

Price attacks the Phillies fan base for using the rallying cry "Ya Gotta Believe" which was coined by Tug McGraw during his 1973 season with the Mets. Per Price, we need to come up with our own slogan, and stop bandwagoning his beloved Mets.

I'll give Price a very slight nod in that it was poor choice by some Phillies fan to use anything associated with the lowly Mets. But how sad it must be to be a Mets fan and this is the baseball issue of greatest importance to you as the fall classic approaches. Sorry if we Philly fans have better things to worry know, like playing in the World Series.

Screw you Mr. Price. Tug McGraw was a icon, a beloved figure in the city of Philadelphia. He was a model player, one of the franchises' and city's greatest sports figures. To date, he capped off the greatest moment in Phillies history. Excuse us for wanting to keep his memory alive during a memorable 2008 post-season run.

And how sad it is that to prove his point about a slogan the idiot Price proceeds to brutally attack the history of the Philly fans with comments such as:
  • The fans [Philly] are in awe of the Mets franchise, and figure a little Met magic will help them finally win something.
  • These fans aren't the tastiest cakes on the shelf, and therefore thinking up something of their own is virtually impossible.
  • Many of these same people booed Mike Schmidt, threw snowballs at Santa Claus and cheered when it appeared another human being (Irvin) had been seriously injured in a football game.
  • They erected a statue of a fictional boxer because he was able to run up some stairs without tripping. A Steak-umm and Cheez Whiz sandwich is their greatest contribution to the culinary arts. Their most famous landmark has a huge crack in it.

I guess jealously is the greatest form of flattery, right? What a bonehead.

  • Met magic? The Phillies aren't looking to choke away the World Series. Met Magic, is that rewarding a GM with a 4 year extension after assembling a group of players that fold under September pressure year after year, players that quit on a manager, players that are ridiculed around the league for their immaturity?
  • Needing to think of our own slogan? I guess he missed the "Why Can't Us" movement. Not only is it a kick-ass, clever slogan, it is a charitable cause.
  • Booing? Typical national media bringing up the Santa Clause and Michael Irvin incidents. Way to be original Mr. Price. Maybe you are the one who needs to be a bit more clever. I guess, like your Mets, toward the end you just gave up. Went with the same old BS. How about you actually interview Schmidt and then you'll hear his love for the Phillies fan base. I am surprised you left out the draft day booing of McNabb!
  • Attacking Philadelphia? Before you attack our city, how about you take a good long hard look at NYC. The city that is filled with corrupt financial institutions and leaders that have sent our national economy into a recession. How about you actually get a football team that actually plays in your city.

But like all NY fans, eventually they all come to realize just how pathetic they are and also the teams they support. "This guy Shane Victorino has more guts than the entire Met and Yankee lineups combined...most importantly, their team will be playing baseball -not golf- next week.

One last question for Mr. Price...what are you and the Mets doing this Wednesday night?

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Anonymous said...

I have never seen more sore losers in my life...

At first, I was pissed off...I was getting frustrated by feeling like I needed to defend the Phils. Now, it's just fun to watch these little twirps squirm over, and over, and over again.

So many writers lay down there craft to lay out there frustrations and dissapointment in their teams short-comings. I love it!

I guess if you don't have all of the other team's supporters throwing everything they can at you, then perhaps your team just wasn't good enough...

Is this a sign that we finally are THAT team?