Saturday, October 11, 2008

Anyone 100% Sure?

The Eagles season has come to a point where we aren't even sure they can beat the lowly 49ers. The 49ers, one of the NFL's worst teams in 2007. The 49ers, now being lead be a journey man QB.

After beating the Rams and hanging with the mighty Cowboys this was supposed to be the year. A return the playoffs was all but guaranteed. Hell, maybe even another NFC championship was in sight. Then came the Bears. Then came the Redskins. Then came a 2-3 record. Then came a return to the NFC East basement. Then came the injuries.

Now as we enter Week 6, we wonder do the Eagles have enough to beat the freaking 49ers. We think they do. We hope they do. But would you guarantee a win tomorrow after seeing the performances of the past two weeks? I wouldn't. Honestly, do you trust the Eagles? Do you trust Reid? Not really sure.

So it is week 6. Last week might have been a must win game. But this is truly a MUST WIN game. 3-3 entering the bye is OK. 2-4 and you might actually have to think why not play Kolb and what will 2009 bring? How sad is the state of the current Eagles. Seems like just yesterday the Iggles were 1-0 after thrashing the Rams. Now 5 weeks later the season is almost gone.

Eagles 21 49ers 10

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