Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Bad Bounce?

So I have been hearing all week from some Eagle fans that the Eagles 4-3 record is a fraud. The Eagles win over the Falcons was the result of a blown call on a punt return. Without the help of the refs the Eagles are 3-4, stuck in the NFC East, and it is time to usher in the Kolb era.

Really, we are all so sure that Matt Ryan would have been able to move the ball 60 yards in a little over 2 minutes against the Eagles D for a touchdown? And your basing this solely on the fact that Brian Griese was successful in a similar situation last year. Excuse me for thinking that Sunday's situation would have been difficult, wasn't a "slam-dunk" for the Falcons.

First off, in review the call was a bad call. But in game speed the call could have gone either way. For once, Philadelphia and the Eagles got a call that favored them.

Secondly, why not look at the result as poor coaching by the Falcons. Mike Smith can only blame himself for not having any timeouts left with over 2 minutes left in the game (though in back to back games, it is nice to see coaches that are worse than Reid in game and clock management!).

Lastly, and most importantly, give the Eagles defense and JJ some credit. Matt Ryan wasn't exactly lighting up the Eagles prior to the punt. Ryan finished the game completing slightly over 50% of his passes and had also thrown 2 picks. The D also rendered the Falcons running game useless. So based on game's prior 57 minutes, you would have to give the edge to the Eagles D for the final 2+ minutes.

So enjoy the win. The 4-3 record is legit. If you are going to grip about anything from the game, focus your attention on the Eagles continued inability to convert on short yardage situations.

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Gary Knight said...

Besides, there were a ton of bad calls against the Eagles in the first half, like the penalty on Cole that kept Atlanta's drive alive.