Monday, October 6, 2008

The Best of the Worst

"Not taking anything away from them, but there is no way this team [Redskins] is better than us."

Maybe Donovan was watching the Phillies big win yesterday and missed his team's abysmal showing against the Skins. (Never mind, per Donovan's NBC promo last week, he isn't a Phillies fan, he is a Chicago fan. How are those hometown Cubs and White Sox making out in round one?) Forget about the chest injury, someone should check Donovan's head for some sense.

Sorry Donovan, the Redskins are a better team than you. They beat the Cowboys when the Eagles could not. At this point of the season they are a better coached team. At this point of the season they are getting better QB, RB, defensive, and offensive play. At this point of the season the Redskins are 4-1 and not buried in the NFC East basement.

So enough with these comments. We heard the same BS last year from the Eagle players and all that got them was an 8-8 record, last place in the division, and no playoffs. But since the team is playing like the 2007 Eagles, why should their comments be anything different.

The Eagles, the best 2-3 team in football!


colonel said...

The Eagles could and should be a better team than the Redskins, but, sorry Donovan, right now they are not!

Not to be a Reid and McNabb basher, but a lot of the reasons why they are not, fall directly on the shoulders of Reid and McNabb. Reid has been a head coach in the NFL for over 10 years now, so he shouldn't still be making the same stupid mistakes and calls week after week. McNabb has been his QB for all of those 10 years, so he should be able to execute Reid's playbook without miscommunication problems and the other problems we regularly see on the field. Actually, all of the players are professionals with years of experience and they should be playing that way, but they are not.

So what do we think.....
8 - 8; 9 - 7; 7 - 9?
Reid gets another contract extension before the end of the season?

justincharlesharlan said...

I still see 10-6. Rough start, but we can do this.

That said, the Skins are good, but not better than us. D-Mac is right.

It is just sad that Andy was outcoached by a rook.

colonel said...

10 - 6....Wow. I don't know, especially considering that we've already lost 3 games, and 2 of those games were lost to teams that we shouldn't have lost to. That means we can only loose 3 more games, which means we have to beat the high flying Giants at least once and Dallas when they come to town, and the rest of the NFC East, among others.

Anonymous said...

With the weak non-NFC East schedule, 10-6 would still be realistic BUT BWest has two broken ribs: Game over, man, game over.

colonel said...

BWest has broken ribs and Big Red has a broken mind....8 - 8 at best. I hope I'm wrong, but I haven't seen anything hopeful, especially without BWest.

chris klinkner said...

one more week, then time to forget about the 2008 season.

3-3 is average, but if the Eagles are able to beat the Seahawks (who we all thought was an automatic L at the start of the season), the eagles could be 5-3, kinda where we all predicted.

Unlikely, but one week too early to give up.