Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Best Part Of Winning In 5...

Sure last night's win gave the city it's first title in 25 years, the Phillies their first title in 28 years. But you know what the best part of winning the World Series in 5 games more having to listen to Joe Buck!

Poor Joe must have been heart-broken to see his Rays suffer defeat last night. Everything Phillies related always came with a negative tone and a negative connotation. At times he almost seem pissed that the Phillies were taking up his time.

Just one more reason to celebrate today and tomorrow.

See everyone at the Parade. And how funny, I will be in the Linc tomorrow celebrating a championship...but I will be wearing red and cheering the Phillies.

Philadelphia, what an amazing city!

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Anonymous said...

Joe Buck and McCarver are asses. Can we revoke McCarver's ex-Phillie status>