Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Breaking News - NovaCare Complex

There was breaking news today from the NovaCare Complex. What you didn't hear? How you could miss the news? I think I have an idea.

Were you like everyone in Philadelphia last night, glued to the TV watching and praying for a World Series title? Were you like everyone in Philadelphia this morning, letting your opinion be known regarding the suspended game 5? Were you like everyone in Philadelphia this afternoon searching the Internet for the latest news on when game 5 would be resumed? Will you be like everyone in Philadelphia tomorrow night waiting to see if the suspended game comes back to screw our Phillies?

Count me as one of the above.

If something happened with the Eagles in the past 24 hours I would of missed it. But no worries, there is nothing exciting to report out of the NovaCare Complex (maybe another FB signing?!?). Just checking in to see if anyone still cared about our Eagles? I know, see you on Sunday at 4:00 pm EST.

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