Thursday, October 16, 2008

Competition For Akers

Regardless if the blocked kick was his fault or the result of poor blocking, it is safe to say everyone outside of Andy Reid has had enough of David Akers and his long range kicking dramatics and failures.

Akers is still the man from within 4o yards (though Sunday's 38 yarder was a bit unnerving!). But in the NFL, what wins the games for your team is having a kicker that can connect from 40+ when the offense stalls after crossing mid-field.

Right now and over the past few seasons Akers has shown that he can no longer be counted on from long range. He used to be the man, a sure thing, one of the NFL's most dependable kickers. Unfortunately not so much anymore.

Reid is overly loyal to his players, so bringing in a kicker for competition is most likely not going to happen. But since we are in a bye week, why not bring in a kicker. Why not make that kicker John Carney, who looks like he will be released by the Giants and is a perfect 12-12 on field goals this year, including 2-2 from 40+.

Competition can only make one and one's team better right? Yea, not so much with the Eagles.


Anonymous said...

Carney doesn't have the leg - his KOs are short (#30 in the league)and he's had exactly one attempt from 50+ in the past four years.

Akers may have slipped from his elite spot, but he's still safely above-average, as he's automatic from within 40 (that's NOT the case with most kickers) and his KO depth is #7 in the league.

Be careful what you wish for.

Anonymous said...

Giants haven't released Carney.