Saturday, October 11, 2008

Could It Be? Curtis Back?!?

The Phillies can really hold one's attention. Not sure how I missed this Eagles tidbit, but tomorrow there is a chance that Kevin Curtis could be back on the field and PLAYING!

Per Reid: "He [Curtis] practiced with us [yesterday and Thursday] with the first group. We are just gradually bringing him back in. He is prepared to play."

Finally some good news for the Eagles on the injury front. Not playing tomorrow is Andrews, B-West, and Reggie Brown (who cares!).

One would imagine that Curtis will be worked back slowly into the offense. But regardless, we get to finally see our top 2 WRs on the field together in 2008. Curtis and Jackson. Not a bad one, two combo.

So if nothing else, Sunday should be a day a new beginnings for the Eagles (shame we can't begin the record over!). Klecko as a starting FB, Hunt as a back-up RB, Curtis back on the field, and Abiamiri back on the field rotating between DE and DT.
Hell, maybe Reid will even realize that their are two halves in a football game!

No Fun League:
DeSean Jackson and Quintin Demps were each fined $10,000 for excessive celebrating after Jackson's 68-yard punt return for a touchdown Sunday against Washington. despite no penalty flag!

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