Friday, October 10, 2008

Does Anyone Care?

A few questions:
  • Does anyone care about the 2008 Eagles season anymore?
  • Has everyone come to the realization that this really isn't pedal to the metal?
  • Is Philly sports solely about the Phillies and them winning 6 more games?
  • Does anyone care that the Eagles have a game this Sunday against the 49ers?
  • Are we jacked-up for Sunday only because that is game three of the NLCS for the Phillies?
  • On Sunday are you wearing green or red?
  • Is your favorite saying now "Beat LA" or still "E-A-G-L-E-S"?
  • With a game on the west coast and a bye next week, are the Eagles "out of sight, out of mind?"
  • Does anyone care that Trent Cole was running his mouth and criticizing the Philly fans for booing the Eagles during the 'Skins game?
  • Does anyone think that Andy could learn a thing or two from Charlie?
  • Does anyone care that Reggie Brown is out this week? (Ok, this I care about...McNabb will have to start going to DeSean again!)
  • Are we beginning to bleed Phillies red?
  • Are we wishing that the Eagles would be as clutch as the Phillies?
  • If the Phillies win the title, do the Eagles get a free pass on another disappointing season?
  • After the Phils, is it Flyers, Sixers, and then Eagles?

Where is the once dominant Eagles buzz in the city? Right across the street at Citizens Bank Park!


justincharlesharlan said...

I care.

And so will everyone else when we roll through our next 3 opponents to a respectable 5-3, thus controlling our own destiny through our then upcoming NFC East battles.

colonel said...

Hopefully you're right about the upcoming games, otherwise Philly fans will be putting their green back in the closet until St. Patty's Day!