Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Eagles Gotta Start Better

Right now the Eagles stand 2-2 (should be 3-1, but coulda, shoulda, woulda...but they didn't!). I keep saying this weekend's game is a must win. The Eagles have to be 3-2 after five weeks...repeat they cannot fall to 2-3 and 2 games back of just the freaking Redskins (remember after week 1 we were all saying how easy the Skins would be to sweep this year...ain't the same Skins from week 1 anymore, unfortunately).

Looking back, the Eagles cannot get off to another one of their lackluster starts:
- 2005: 4-4 through 9 games
- 2006: 4-4
- 2007: 3-5

After the Skins, it is 49ers, Falcons, and Seahawks. Anyone else thinking 6-2 through the first 8 games. Yea I know, one game at a time with this team.

And if you are worried, just think (noted by Paul Domowitch) the other three times the Eagles have started 2-2 under Andy Reid, they've finished with double-digit wins and made the playoffs.

BIG, HUGE Week 5 game lies ahead.


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Anonymous said...

Dude...Eagles suck.