Sunday, October 26, 2008

Emotional Reid

I absolutely loved it! You are probably in Phillies' mode as I type up this post, but flash back a few hours to the Eagles game. Trent Cole has a clear path to Matt Ryan. A crushing hit, the stadium goes nuts, and then a yellow flag.

You must be kidding me. The hit was clean. The hit was a follow through of Cole's motion to the QB. It was time for a Falcons punt, but instead the idiotic refs (Reid might not be able to criticize the refs, but I can!) are marching off 15 yards for the Falcons. Of course the fans were pissed and they let their displeasure be heard very LOUDLY.

But guess who else was pissed? Andrew Walter Reid. Well duh, of course he was, right? Well usually when things go wrong Reid stands on the sideline emotionless, same vanilla face. But not this time!

The big guy actually showed some fire. He was out on the field yelling at the refs. The refs screwed up and no way was Reid letting this go. After returning to the sideline, Reid was still royally pissed, signaling for the refs to come over to the sidelines to continue his rant, repeatedly slamming his play card in disgust!

Reid wasn't going to get the call overturned. But it was nice for once for him to show some passion. Show the fans that Philly is tired of being screwed over by the refs and umps.

On the day Reid earned his 100th victory (and the team's 500th victory) we got to see a whole new side of Reid. Well until press conference time rolled around and the tight lipped Andy returned.

But for those few minutes we all forget the big guy's faults and saw the coach as one of us. Very impressed Andy.

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colonel said...

Way to go Andy! I'm not generally a big Andy Reid fan, but he did good today.

He also did good winning his 100th game as The Coach. Hard to believe that he has won 1/5th of all of the games the Eagles have won!