Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Football Town Needs This

We are beginning to hear (and deservedly so) that the city of Philadelphia is on their way to becoming a baseball town over a football town. Hey if the Eagles continue their spiral and the Phillies continue their run, why won't it happen?

Here's an idea to save the Eagles top billing and also save the Eagles season...trade for the Lions Roy Williams. The rumors are flying that Williams might be available, so why the hell not.
  • The Eagles need a spark to save their 2008 season.
  • Trading for Williams keeps the Cowboys from teaming him up with T.O.
  • The Lions are in a desperate situation...they suck and Williams is a FA after the season.
  • The Eagles need another offensive weapon as it appears it could be an injury plagued 2008 for Westbrook.
  • Reid loves to pass.
  • Would give the Eagles a reason to cut Greg Lewis!
  • The Eagles have the pieces to make an enticing trade (draft picks, disgruntled CBs, Reggie Brown).
  • Send Lito to the hapless Lions as punishment.
  • Curtis, Jackson, and Lewis make a pretty potent receiving trio.

All the signs point to the need to make a deal before the October 14 deadline rolls around. It most likely won't happen, but the way this season is going, fantasy is much more appealing than reality!


Anonymous said...

au contraire, http://www.philly.com/inquirer/sports/20081007_Eagles_win_ratings_battle_with_Phillies.html

Roy Williams deal wont happen. He wants to play for Patriots. I wouldnt blame him. Brady has best chance to put him in Hall of Fame than McNabb.
JJones wont go for Roy he wants Ocho. Circus can sell tickets only when it is fully of freaks.

justincharlesharlan said...

Roy wants to play in Texas from every other article I have ever read.

Imagine him alongside Andre Johnson in Houston. That'd be one hell of a pair.

I'd take him, but not for a 1st. Then again, with Millen gone, maybe they'll be realistic.

Anonymous said...

Lions wont give up him for anything less than 1st before the trade dead line. I dont think Texans have cap room to pay Roy.