Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Getting A Big NYC Head

In advance of last night's game, I read the following blurb in the NY Daily News about the NY Giants:
The Giants were lining up last night against the lackluster Cleveland Browns, but really they were being measured now by very different standards. They suddenly had become the 2007 Patriots before the Super Bowl, way out in front of the pack and performing most weeks on an entirely different playing field.

On really, the 2007 G-Men are now the undefeated Patriots. Uh, how about we go back and check the scoreboard from their game against the Browns. Looks to me like the Browns were playing on the Varsity field, while NY was stuck on the JV squad.

The Philadelphia media has too often leaned on the side of negativity, but the over the top optimism of the NY media is a bit sickening. Reading further into the paper, one sees another column titled "Defense doesn't show any cracks." Really, the 2008 Giants D is flawless...again please check the scoreboard.

I am not saying that the Giants aren't a top notch team. They are number one in the division and the defending Super Bowl champs. But six weeks into the season lets hold off a bit on the praise. Lets first see the Giants navigate through a upcoming schedule that includes a road game in Pittsburgh, followed by a stretch of 5 games in 7 weeks against NFC East opponents.

Oh yea, let's also see if Eli becomes a little "gun shy" after last nights pounding. 3 picks look a lot like the old Eli to me.

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