Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Getting That Championship Feeling

To avoid any jinxes, lets just call them the "team that shall not be named." And no we aren't talking about the team in green that strives for just playoff appearances.

It's true that I am probably a bigger Eagles fan (see name of my blog!), than Phillies fan. But to best define myself I would say that I am a Philadelphia Fan. A fan in search of a title that I can actually celebrate and remember for the rest of my life.

The "team that shall not be named" is on the cusp of greatness, on the verge of ending the Philly drought. As a city we will not see 101 seasons!

All day my buddy and I were counting down the hours until first pitch. On the drive home from work, I called my dad and we reminisced about the '93 team. As I am sitting here typing this post I am already thinking about tomorrow's Daily News cover and back page. My wife and I are sporting matching Phillies T-Shirts. I just feel it, tonight is the clincher.

And then we move on to the Fall classic. Philadelphia becomes the center of the sports world! My mind is already wandering...what would a title in Philly feel like. Excuse me if I don't remember the '83 Sixers, I was all of 4 years old. I can already see myself filling out a time off request from work to attend the parade. I can already picture my dad and I at the parade...I can't even promise that there won't be some tears of joy.

You could say I am looking ahead a little too much. So what, that is what we Philly fans do. We have passion. The best in sports. We love our teams (sometimes probably a bit too much!). But isn't that what being a fan is all about. Well except for L.A...those fans jump ship at the slightest hint of adversity and then go post their playoff tickets for $13!

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colonel said...

And I still have the Phillies sweat shirts and hat I bought 15 years ago in preparation for those playoffs and that series. They haven't gotten much wear since then, (been mostly wearing Eagles green) but I'll be wearing one tonight!

I still remember sitting in the old Vet Stadium that night, at just about the highest level possible, right underneath the TV10 Superbox and feeling the excitement and the electricity, and as the 9th inning drew down to the final outs, watching the field level gates open up and the Philadelphia Mounted Police ring the field. Unbelievable! But say what you will about the crazy Philly fans, we were wild with excitement, we all had a great time, but we respected the players and the stadium. It was a night to remember, and hopefully tonight will be another night to remember!

Sorry John and debate here in Philly tonight. Hands down, everybody is going to be watching the Phillies!